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CreatorML builds predictive AI for video virality to help businesses scale their social media strategy.

Team Size:6
Location:New York
Group Partner:Jared Friedman

Active Founders

Charles Weill, Founder

Founder of CreatorML. I help YouTubers grow by choosing better ideas, titles, and thumbnails using cutting-edge AI/ML. Ex-GoogleAI Machine Learning Research.

Charles Weill
Charles Weill

Company Launches

Howdy, Charles Weill here! 👋🏼

I’m the founder of CreatorML, a ML-powered web-based tool and Chrome Extension that helps YouTube Creators predict which topics, titles, and thumbnails will get the most views before they upload.

For context, prior to June 2022, YouTube paid out over $50B in advertising rev-share to its creators.

The Problem

  • Success on YouTube is determined by views, yet creators have no way of quantifying the number of views their videos will receive.
  • To try and uncover the winning formula, many churn through as many videos as possible and quickly burn out.
  • YouTubers are drowning in analytics data, but only the largest creators can afford to hire data science teams to get actionable insights.
  • The biggest determinant of success on YouTube is the quality of topics, titles, and thumbnails.

Our Solution:

  • We developed a proprietary machine learning algorithm that analyzes millions of video datapoints to create a reliable, scalable predictive model.

  • Our view predictors allows creators to understand how small changes like reducing the character count of a title, or changing the colors of a thumbnail image can make a meaningful difference in video views.

  • By removing bias when creators select a title and thumbnail, CreatorML ensures long-form videos are objectively packaged to attract and engage the largest audience possible.

  • While CreatorML is starting with topics, titles and thumbnails, our vision is to create a complete predictive ecosystem that guides creators through every step of the creative process.

The Team

  • Before founding CreatorML, I was technical lead in applied machine learning at Google Research for 7 years, using deep learning to improve critical algorithms in Cloud AutoML, Ads, Search, and YouTube.

  • I’m also a part-time YouTube Creator.

  • I realized that I found a pain point when I began tweeting about simple analyses of YouTube analytics data, and many of the biggest YouTubers in the industry began following me.

How You Can Help:

  • Try our demo to get view predictions for channels such as MrBeast, Aphmau, and MKBHD.

  • If you’re a YouTube Creator with over 100,000 subscribers, let’s connect at founders@creatorml.com, and I’ll onboard you with a custom view predictor for your channel.

  • If you’re not a YouTuber, you should download our Chrome Extension for YouTube. It’s totally free, and shows you when YouTubers change their titles and thumbnails, so you can learn what works and what doesn’t for when you begin making your own content:

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