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GoLang Backend Engineer at CreatorOS - Questbook

$20k - $75k / 0.00% - 1.00%
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3+ years
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Sriharsha Karamchati
Sriharsha Karamchati

About the role

Questbook brings accessibility to learning to people around the world, and our backend infrastructure plays a crucial role.

Questbook backend engineers are responsible for building cutting edge technology that supports seamless crypto currencies handling and enabling mobile based programming. That's right, our customers learn by writing code on mobile phones & earn crypto for learning.

Our backend primarily works on GoLang and parts in NodeJS. Following a single owner microservices architecture, our infrastructure is built for agility.

At Questbook's backend team, you get to work on technologies that's not only cutting edge, but also technologies we'll be the first in the world to build. No body has built IDEs for programming blockchains on mobiles. Nobody has built mobile crypto currencies that work seamlessly on mobile phones.

You will

  • Build microservices and APIs that power the frontend app
  • Build integrations between the crypto infrastructure and the non-crypto infrastructure
  • Own various critical microservices

You will work with

  • Engineers from Google, Microsoft, Facebook
  • Best in class backend and infrastructure engineers, and great mentors
  • A lean hyper efficient A++ team; No, A++ is not a hyperbole, it's a fact :)

You'd be best fit if

  • You've built microservices before
  • You See yourself as a very fast developer
  • You consider yourself disciplined and self motivated to work in a completely remote environment with only one meeting per day
  • You consider yourself a great communicator - verbal and written

You will work on

  • Shipping product in close collaboration with frontend and product, mostly in GoLang
  • Create data and information architectures
  • Maintaining an agile yet stable infrastructure with scale
  • Open sourcing parts of the infrastructure for public good

Perks you will get

  • Working on a fulfilling purpose (education)
  • Working on bleeding edge technology
  • Work with a stellar stellar team
  • A new challenge every day, things change very very fast
  • Clear and complete ownership of critical product jurisdictions

Why you should join CreatorOS - Questbook

Questbook is a decentralized university where learning is always free, featuring learn-to-earn cryptoeconomics and our own crypto currency.

Questbook enables radical collaboration on creating tutorials for the greater good. If Wikipedia is where collaboration happens on facts, Stackoverflow is where collaboration happens on technical QnAs, Questbook is where collaboration happens on tutorials.

Millions of people don't have access to quality education. By laying strong emphasis on learning by doing, Questbook makes sure the skills attained through the courses on the platform are immediately applicable in the real world. Many of the learners who have gone through our courses have gone on to earn six figure salaries, build projects and seal a seed round of funding among many other inspiring stories.

We're starting with education for crypto engineers. We let people learn programming with just a mobile phone. Many people in India, SEA, Africa and LatAm don't have access to laptops - learning on mobile is their only option.

We envision a day where a learner from a small village in rural India learns to program on her cheap android phone because her dad can't afford to buy her a laptop. Learning to program on her mobile and earning on the way, she affords herself a laptop and goes on to contribute significantly to DAOs and GitHub projects. She's now teaching people from all around the world bringing to them an opportunity that seemed far fetched.

Mobile and internet is a great leveler of access to education. Crypto is a great leveler in access to capital. Marrying these two technologies, we make education widely and freely accessible.

We are bottlenecked on how fast we can build product and fundamentally change lives of millions. Each minute wasted in not having enough firepower to ship a product is a missed opportunity to change the life of a learner, a family, a generation.

Come join us challenge the traditional education the right way.