Culture Biosciences

We grow cells for biotech companies.

Senior Software Engineer, DevOps and Infrastructure at Culture Biosciences

South San Francisco / Remote
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6+ years
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About the role

Culture Biosciences grows organisms for biotech companies. We've built the first cloud bioreactor facility. Here’s how it works:

  1. Our customers, biotechnology companies, design organisms (bacteria, yeast, mammalian cells) to produce products (materials, therapeutics, food).
  2. We grow their cells in our bioreactors to optimize the yield of their products. Ultimately, we help our customers get their products to market faster.
  3. Our customers receive their experimental results live on our website.

Our cloud bioreactor facility is made possible by custom software and automation technology that our team develops. The automated infrastructure is also more efficient to operate than traditional equipment. Our software also provides quick and simple data analysis, enabling customers to analyze reams of data quickly.

Here's a video that explains the process:

###The Role:

You will be the first DevOps / Infrastructure Engineer at Culture, as such you will lay the foundation for how we do those things around here.

DevOps and Infrastructure are loaded terms these days, but in essence your mission at Culture will consist of two things:

  • Ensure the reliability of our cloud bio-reactor infrastructure; and,
  • Make it easier, faster, and more fun to write code at Culture

We have unique technical challenges. We essentially run a data center of IoT devices, except on top of all of those devices are vessels full of cells that need to be heated, cooled, and cared for with exacting precision. These "data centers" produce mountains of data that are processed in real time in order to deliver a real time lab-like experience to our customers.

###What you will do:

  • Build things that make other engineers go "Woah, this is so helpful!"
  • Make our cloud lab extremely reliable
  • Help define our software engineering culture

###In return, we will support you by:

  • Placing a high degree of trust in your ideas and execution
  • Providing a low-stress work environment
  • Making ourselves available for collaboration
  • Caring about you as a whole person, not a “resource”
  • Not making you be on call 24/7 (we have an on call rotation)

###Projects on our horizon:

  • Design and build a new system for the safe and reliable deployment of mission critical code to our bio-reactors
  • Revamp our other deployment systems to make it easy and safe to push code to production
  • Build a system to allow the software team to develop against production-like data
  • Coordinate the migration of our production data systems to allow us to scale orders of magnitude
  • Own our approach to maintaining a robust monorepo, build tools to support easy development in it
  • Re-architect our compute task system to improve reliability, traceability and monitoring

###About You:

  • You can code, well
  • You have five to six years of experience in software development
  • You have at least 3 years working on DevOps-y and infra type stuff
  • You're very thoughtful about adopting DevOps practices
  • You have experience with the AWS ecosystem
  • You feel an aversion to downtime
  • You’re kind, curious and enjoy learning new things
  • You care that you’re building something that solves a problem and helps end users

###Benefits include:

  • Competitive salary and equity compensation
  • Medical (PPO), Dental, Vision, and Life insurance
  • 401(k) plan with company match
  • 3 weeks of paid time off and 10 days of company holidays, plus a week off between Christmas and New Years
  • 12 weeks of parental leave at full salary
  • Access to on-site child care facility, subject to availability
  • Free onsite breakfast, lunch, snacks, coffee, and gym (varies based on COVID-19 restrictions)
  • Support for relevant educational opportunities

Culture Biosciences provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants. We seek to build a company that promotes inclusion and expands the diversity of our industry as a whole. We encourage people with identities underrepresented in biotech and technology to apply.

Why you should join Culture Biosciences

Culture Biosciences grows organisms for biotech companies. We've built the first cloud bioreactor facility. Here’s how it works:

  1. Our customers are experts in DNA design -- they send us their genetically engineered organisms for testing.
  2. We grow their cells in our bioreactors to examine the efficacy of different protocols and their effect on yield and productivity.
  3. Our customers monitor the state of things live via our website. At the end we send them some samples for storage or more custom analysis.

Our customers genetically modify organisms to produce new therapeutics, materials, fuels and foods. We help them quickly run experiments and develop manufacturing processes so they can get their products to market faster. We've built proprietary software and automation systems to make operating our bioreactors more efficient than existing systems. We also provide customers with new software tools that help them analyze and contextualize their data. We are currently serving a number of biotech customers and scaling out our infrastructure.

We are a Bay Area company backed by leading venture funds including YCombinator and Verily Life Sciences. We are made up of mechanical, software, biomedical and chemical engineers who worked previously at Google X, Facebook, MIT, CalTech, Bristol Myers Squibb, and Lawrence Berkeley National Labs. Our team is passionate about enabling high-throughput, reproducible science. We value curiosity, clear communication, kindness, and collaboration. We're also committed to building a diverse team.