Multiplayer banking with bill splitting for Brazilian families.

Data Analyst

São Paulo, Brasil / Remote
Job Type
1+ years
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Daniel Ruhman
Daniel Ruhman

About the role

About Job

We are a remote Brazilian company with a Portuguese speaking team and a product focused on Brazil.

What you'll be doing?

Work in an interdisciplinary team, guiding our Marketing efforts. You'll search for patterns and actionable insights, formulate experiments, and interface with stakeholders.

It is essential you have

  • Excellent communication and writing skills, being able to clearly articulate results to non-technical audiences.
  • Deep interest in Business and Product, as well as previous Analytics experience in startups. You'll be knee deep in CAC, LTV, Retention and Churn.
  • Experience using R or Python to access databases, estimate models, compute metrics and create graphs.
  • Solid background in Statistics, being able to critically analyze and comment metrics, experiments, graphs and insights.
  • Drive to continuously improve.

It would be nice if you had

  • Previous experience in Marketing or CRM teams, or having worked with off-shelf Analytics or CRM software.
  • Familiarity with experiment design, causal inference and the trade-offs in different experimentation settings.
  • Interest in software engineering and interest in helping us build our data stack.

Why you should join Cumbuca

Cumbuca is the first digital group account for Brazilian families. By grouping individual accounts with a shared permission system that's completely customizable, Cumbuca mimics the experience of American joint accounts - which aren't available in Brazil - providing features such as shared savings, debt tracking and bill splitting on everything from utilities to groceries and online delivery, so you don't ever have to argue with your loved ones again.

🤑 Talking about money is, culturally, a taboo among Brazilian couples and families. Cumbuca came to break this taboo and bring people closer together!

🧪 We are technology and product experts, we are always experimenting, testing, learning and sharing what we know.

💙 We are fans of people and culture. What we really like is taking care of people and ensuring that everyone works happily and with the same purpose! We believe that the more diverse our team is, the further we will get!

🤓 We love to learn and share what we know. We have a sense of community and we like to teach regardless of the subject.

Team Size:18
Location:São Paulo, Brazil
Daniel Ruhman
Daniel Ruhman