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Customer Success Manager named Alex

$50K - $80K / 0.10% - 0.20%
London, England, GB / Remote (GB; FR; DE; PL; PT; ES; IT; RO)
Job Type
6+ years
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Jonty Knox
Jonty Knox

About the role

We're CustomerOS (formerly Openline), a revolutionary platform for reinventing business from the customer experience up. We’ve been ranked Europe's #1 early stage, B2B SaaS/Cloud company.

Our team of 10 already includes two Alexes. They’re excellent. So we’re looking for another team member who will, like them:

  • Put the customer first.
  • Answer to Alex, or Xandra, or Zander, or Sacha, or Alexis, or Lexi… or any other name, really: Juan, Fatima, Hiroto, Lakshmi, Bob, Jamal, Sarah, Gabrielle, Mohammad… The name doesn’t actually matter. ;)
  • Bring 5+ years of insightful Customer Success experience, acquired by a constant thirst for learning, experimentation, and self-improvement.
  • Have a bias for action, taking initiative, and doing the hard things first.
  • Delight in the prospect of helping build a venture-scale hypergrowth business from the ground up.
  • Demand and uphold human-centered values, and that they be embodied in the culture, the behaviors, the processes and the structure.

As the lead Customer Success Manager, in a startup focused on serving Customer Success Managers, you will do triple duty:

  1. The usual part: Ensure every customer has a clear vision of success, a clever plan to achieve it, and stays on course toward their goals.
  2. The leadership part: Keep pulling the entire organization in the right direction, to keep delivering successful outcomes to the customers. (Thankfully the organization is very willing and able.)
  3. The radiance part: Be a shining beacon of thought leadership and finesse, by sharing and giving to the wider community of CSMs who believe, like we do, in Customer-Driven Growth.

A few of the things you will do:

  • Work with the sales team to help the customer flow through the meanders of the onboarding journey without any bumps or friction, and at the right pace.
  • Ask the right questions to develop deep empathy with our customers’ business context, ambitions, hopes and dreams, so they feel heard and, most of all, understood.
  • Listen to what the customers ask for, discover what they truly need, and understand the difference.
  • Co-design solutions with the product, experience, and technical teams, to continuously improve the customer experience of our software.
  • Work with the experience team on the Customer Success process, tools, contents and approaches, to continuously improve the customer experience outside the software.
  • Design tools, processes, behaviors and a culture that enable high-quality, high-touch customer success at scale… a concept we call Customer-Driven Growth.
  • Work fully remotely, managing your time and effort responsibly and intelligently.
  • Challenge bad ideas and decisions: Those of your team, those of your fellow leaders, and your own.
  • Cover the timezone of our customers, which are currently mostly based in Europe.
  • Own stock (vesting options) in your company.

There are, however, many things that you will not do:

  • Play bucket brigade for weeks and months because the product team fails to patch holes in the boat.
  • Copy/paste data into Google Sheets because there’s no budget to automate the work.
  • Do tech support because tech doesn’t support you.
  • Be blamed for the churn of customers for whom the product isn’t a fit, and who had no place in the sales pipeline to begin with..

We believe that software is a reflection of culture. We're dedicated to crafting innovative tools that pave the way for a new culture of work—one that prioritizes respect, beauty, and humanity above all else. That’s what we want for our customers, and it starts with ourselves.

We're in search of individuals who are not afraid to challenge the status quo, who are ready to push boundaries, and who want to redefine what's possible in the world of customer success.

If it sounds like the perfect mission for your friend Alex, please share this posting with them.

If this sounds like the perfect mission for you, please apply. Even if your name isn’t Alex. ;)

About CustomerOS

CustomerOS is redefining the modern way of working. CustomerOS is an open source platform for managing customer data, building deeper relationships, and supercharging the productivity of customer-facing teams.

Team Size:10
Location:London, United Kingdom
Matt Brown
Matt Brown
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Vasilica Coscotin
Jonty Knox
Jonty Knox