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Full Stack Development Engineer

Job Type
3+ years
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About the role

What You'll Do At CYBLE

• Write clean, well-designed code Produce detailed specifications Troubleshoot, test and maintain the core product software and databases to ensure strong optimization and functionality

• Contribute in all phases of the development lifecycle

• Follow industry best practices Develop and deploy new features to facilitate related procedures and tools if necessary

• Resolve complex issues reported on existing production systems.

• Work on PHP and Laravel Framework to resolve performance and usability issues

• Work on PHP back end and Database layer to resolve data integrity, security and performance issues.

• In-depth knowledge of object-oriented PHP and Laravel 5 PHP Framework

• Hands-on experience with SQL schema design,

• SOLID principles, API design MySQL profiling and query optimization

• Look at error logs to identify and fix production bugs

• Develop, record and maintain cutting edge web-based PHP applications plus premium service platforms

• Ensure HTML, CSS, and shared JavaScript is valid and consistent across applications

• Prepare and maintain all applications utilizing standard development tools

• Utilize backend data services and contribute to increase existing data services API Document the development process, architecture, and standard components

• Keep abreast of new trends and best practices in web development

Who You Are

• CS Graduate with 3+ or more years of software development experience

• Strong technical problem-solving skills and the ability to work independently on projects when needed

• Advanced knowledge of PHP, Laravel Framework, HTML and CSS

• 3+ years PHP development experience

• 1+ years Laravel Framework experience. Experience building custom modules in Laravel Framework

• Strong Knowledge and experience in MySQL and MongoDB databases

Why you should join Cyble

Cyble is a cyber intelligence company that empowers organizations with darkweb & cybercrime monitoring and mitigation services.