Intuit for Crypto companies

Jobs at Coinbooks

$80k - $220k
0.25% - 2.50%
Any (new grads ok)

Why you should join Coinbooks

What if you had a chance to build a key piece of software that will set an industry standard for Crypto Companies for the upcoming years? That’s what we’re doing over at Coinbooks — we’re helping build the financial foundation for Crypto companies, DAOs, and NFT projects.

We’re a seed-stage startup backed by some of the best investors in Silicon Valley and crypto-native investors like Lattice Capital, Multicoin Capital, Seed Club Ventures, Founders of Polygon (Sandeep and Jaynti), Orange DAO, YC, and a few more amazing angels like Shaan Puri. Here's a piece about us:

If you're applying to this position, you're passionate about DeFi and web 3/crypto. You are a fast learner and like to challenge yourself with how decentralized development is emerging. You have a passion for building things and are not afraid to course-correct based on the core need of the users.

We are looking for a passionate founding engineer who loves to code and is not afraid to learn and apply new languages. Ideally, you are a self-starter, passionate about DeFi, loves to learn and apply new languages, and are not afraid to iterate fast.

Why Join?

  1. Join a rapidly growing industry: Web 3 is still at its early innings. By joining DAOfront, not only will you get to write software that will set an industry standard in crypto, but you will also learn cutting-edge skills that will define the future of how Crypto companies operate.
  2. Accelerate your learnings: Joining an early-stage crypto startup is the best possible way to learn fast and build something that will be used by billions of people in the coming years. We’ve personally hacked on multiple products that we shipped in less than 24 hours.
  3. Tackle interesting problems: Our team is small and everyone wears multiple hats. Jump from writing code to working super closely with the users.

Startups are the best possible career choice from the standpoint of learning fast and we're just getting started -- come build the product and the company with us;)

If you're someone who likes to code and is flexible enough to iterate based on users (may sometimes require scrapping things off) then joining DAOfront or any startup is right for you -- we'll definitely have tons of fun!


  • Strong Full-stack software fundamentals (React, Node js, MongoDB, and more)
  • Knowledge of and passion for crypto applications (no experience with writing smart contracts is required 😉)
  • Can quickly learn how to work with services and tools even without previous experience
  • Excellent written communication (design docs, specs, documentation, code reviews, post-mortems)
  • Impatient with execution, but patient with results (we have a bias towards speed and action)

Bonus points: startup experience, built Dapps, worked with Alchemy, wrote smart contracts, or personal interest in DAOs/web3/crypto.

Benefits and impact:

  • Create a leading piece of software: DAOfront will be used by Crypto companies for hundreds of upcoming years.
  • Best Place to learn crypto: We will touch a critical layer of crypto software that is just the tip of thousands of more software to come. DAO tooling is the future of B2B/enterprise software.
  • Work with the best: We want to build a product-obsessed culture. Our major focus in the early days would be writing code and talking to users. Help us build this product-obsessed culture since day 1.
  • Compensation: Our salary bands and equity are transparent — $120k, $150k, $180k — and based on experience.
  • Be in an entrepreneurial environment: We want our founding team to be entrepreneurial and be the future crypto Paypal mafia;).
  • Other: Benefits including unlimited paid time off, healthcare reimbursement, IT budget, 4 months parental leave.
Team Size:6
Location:San Francisco
Arnav Bathla
Arnav Bathla