Superhuman for project management

Founding Full Stack Engineer

$140k - $175k / 0.50% - 1.50%
Redwood City, California, USA
Job Type
Any (new grads ok)
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Zack Swafford
Zack Swafford

About the role

At Dart we're building a product suite with a world-class user experience, and along with that comes a lot of technical complexity. Both our backend and frontend are mission-critical and we have needed to use some of the most modern tools in both places to build the fastest, most interactive, best-automated experience in the market.

We're hiring fullstack software engineers that can build off of the existing strong base in Python, Vue, and SQL and make things much better. There will be a lot of opportunities to take leadership and ownership of Dart's software up and down the stack.

What you’ll do

  1. Focus on user experience first and foremost
  2. Work flexibly, quickly, and diligently on a diverse set of interesting problems
  3. Design, build, and improve new and existing systems in all parts of the stack
  4. Support mission-critical operations
  5. Build functional and beautiful new Vue components on the frontend
  6. Write scalable Python on the backend and build effectively with the rest of our infrastructure
  7. Demonstrate initiative, make mistakes, and learn quickly from them

About the interview

  1. Coffee or zoom chat to get to meet Zack, the technical founder
  2. At-home coding project with a 3hr maximum
  3. Onsite or virtual onsite with the whole team for a half a day
  4. Dinner or some other fun social activity if possible
  5. Offer!

Why you should join Dart

  1. Interesting, challenging, fast-paced, dynamic work
  2. Top end of market salary
  3. Generous equity with sliding scale
  4. High-end laptop and accessories as needed
  5. Flexible stipend to set up your home office
  6. Lunch and coffee any day, any way you work
  7. Regular team events and offsites
  8. Standard benefits + lots of other fun stuff
  9. Unlimited PTO and sick time


  1. The founding team is in person in the Bay Area 2+ days each week
  2. Our team is comprised of autonomous, creative, dependable, philomathic, and hardworking folks
  3. We believe strongly in building a team of the best people and then giving them the resources to continue growth
  4. By retaining only the best people, we are able to pay competitive salaries and give generous equity packages, which we will work together to add value to over time
  5. Dart has a lot of excited, passionate users that are easy to talk to and learn from
  6. There are a number of existing products in this space, but we view that as a good thing: the market clearly needs tools like Dart, there is a lot of demonstrated willingness to pay among prospective users, and most importantly we have a ton of unique perspectives and better features than alternatives
  7. We get to dogfood our own product every day, so anyone can get engaged with and up to speed on the product quickly
  8. This part of a startup’s lifecycle is the best time to join: the highest expected return comes before the series A but after the founders have taken the early risk (which we already did because we're so excited about the product!)
  9. If you want to work closely with founders, this is your chance—we have an experienced founding team that loves collaboration and mentorship
  10. Set yourself up to be a founder going forward, if you want to: we will teach you the ropes/angel invest in you/give you the best intros/help you get into YC when and if you want to go off on your own

Product and Company

Dart is a new kind of project management tool! It's fast, fun, and easy to use—much like Superhuman is for email. We use the newest tech on the frontend and backend, including generative text models, to automate the toil out of project management. Within the Y Combinator community, Dart is known for its incredible product velocity and for being the tool of choice for some famous founders and YC partners.

We've been accelerated by YC and have come out with a lot of traction, momentum, and money that we will use to execute on our wide-ranging vision to be the fastest, easiest, most efficient project management tool out there. This will present a lot of interesting software engineering challenges and a lot of AI/ML hurdles as well.

Dart is already used by a lot of the hottest YC companies, with more users joining all the time. The product retains existing users well and those teams have been excited to engage to help us make everything even better!


Dart has a comparatively experienced founding team in engineering, VC, and leadership, and you’ll have direct access to the founders to learn and have influence.

The company is still at a very early stage, which represents an incredible opportunity for founding employees! Teammates will have an outsized impact on the future of the company including culture, tech, design, and product direction.

Zack and Milad (founders) are longtime friends from Stanford. They’ve instilled a hardworking but playful culture at Dart—we crank to deliver a great product, support each other, and have a variety of fun activities and traditions on the team.

Team Size:2
Location:Redwood City, CA
Milad Malek
Milad Malek
Zack Swafford
Zack Swafford