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Software Engineer

New York, NY / Remote
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3+ years
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Howard Zuo
Howard Zuo

About the role

You will build v1, v2, ... vN of the Generalized Data Interface.

You’re excited about building a world-class product to help businesses better work with their data. You care deeply about our end user and the outcomes that they’re able to achieve with Dataland. You’re motivated by the intellectual challenge of building software from the ground level, all the way up.

You’ll be a core committer to an open-source project, where you'll shepherd and grow a community of users and contributors. You care about being kind, and believe that the best idea wins, no matter who it comes from.

Here are some skills & experience we want to see:

  • Experience implementing high performance systems and designing scalable architectures
  • Ability to quickly pick up and integrate new technologies
  • Writing clean, well-documented, tested code is your natural default
  • Strong bias towards action and autonomous problem-solving

Our stack is Rust, gRPC, Apache Arrow, & Kubernetes for the backend, with TypeScript, React, & Redux for the frontend. We’ll be glad to ramp you up if any of this is unfamiliar.

Why you should join Dataland

At Dataland, we’re building the world’s first Generalized Data Interface.

Modern businesses have state spread across dozens of different systems - everything from internal DBs like Postgres & Mongo, to external services like Stripe, Twilio, and Hubspot.

A Generalized Data Interface allows internal teams to work across all of these different systems in one consistent UI. It presents a unified view where operators can both understand state and take action across these different systems. It's fundamentally programmable - developers can add new integrations by shipping code to a built-in serverless execution engine.

Dataland is an open source project. We believe working in public creates the conditions for shipping the best possible product with the most innovation over time.

We’re well-capitalized and backed by South Park Commons, Switch Ventures, and top executives at Palantir.

Team Size:4
Location:New York
Arthur Wu
Arthur Wu
Howard Zuo
Howard Zuo