AI Sales Engineer

Paige, the first AI Sales Engineer, is a tireless assistant for technical sales teams. For Sales Engineers, Paige can help with administrative tasks like responding to emails, writing proposals, responding to security questionnaires, and more. For stakeholders that rely on Sales Engineers, like AEs and sales leaders, Paige can automatically answer technical questions about products and provide information about ongoing opportunities. To learn more, visit us at www.dealpage.ai!

Team Size:3
Location:New York
Group Partner:Dalton Caldwell

Active Founders

Ani Gottiparthy

CEO @ DealPage, building AI tooling for Sales Engineers Prev. founder @ Baseplate, building LLM dev tools Computer Science + Design at UC Berkeley. PM @ Logitech working on AI-powered meetings.

Ani Gottiparthy
Ani Gottiparthy

Andrew Luo

Previously software engineer at Google X, working on data infrastructure and knowledge engine projects. Studied CS at UC Santa Barbara.

Andrew Luo
Andrew Luo

Company Launches


DealPage saves SEs time by automating RFP and security questionnaire responses, deflecting questions from AEs, and more.

We make it easy for sales engineering teams to curate a trusted knowledge base and utilize their knowledge base through powerful, AI-driven workflows.

We'd love to chat if your team is manually responding to RFPs or Security Questionnaires! Reach us at founders@dealpage.ai or book a demo.

The Problem

Sales Engineers (SEs) are at their best with customers, explaining technical concepts during sales, demoing products, and providing support during implementation.

SEs don't get a lot of love with software tooling and, as a result, are wasting time away from customers on low ROI tasks:

  1. Collecting, organizing, and maintaining technical resources into complex Notion/Coda/Confluence knowledge bases
  2. Manually writing responses to sales information requests like RFPs and Security Questionnaires
  3. Fielding ad-hoc technical questions from account reps and sales-related questions from other stakeholders

Our Solution

Knowledge Base - We make it extremely easy for Sales Engineering teams to collect and organize trusted information into an AI-powered knowledge base. Our AI Assistant, Paige, is an agent that can answer questions, search documents, make revisions, and interact with your CRM.

  • Accurate: The chat interface provides accurate, definitive answers with links to source documents and applications. Our indexing and retrieval infrastructure is constantly fine-tuned for high performance in domains within Sales Engineering workflows.
  • Secure: Fine-grained access controls are synced from source applications to all documents and queries, so you never have to worry about data in the wrong hands. DealPage can be self-hosted within your network for complete security.
  • Up-to-date: The knowledge base integrates directly with existing tools (like Vanta, Google Drive, Notion, Sharepoint, Salesforce, and more) and is refreshed periodically. DealPage also prompts document owners to periodically renew documents to ensure nothing stale makes it into answers.

Workflows - DealPage makes it easy for Sales Engineers to utilize their knowledge base through powerful workflows that save hours every week.

  • RFPs and Security Questionnaires: Upload an RFP or questionnaire, and our AI will send you a personalized, highly accurate response in minutes. You can edit, approve, comment, and assign tasks to teammates through the app.
  • Ad-Hoc Question Answering: Sales reps and other internal stakeholders can get the information they need from SEs without wasting time. Deflect them to the DealPage Slack app for instant answers from your verified source documents and applications.
  • More: We're adding workflows to help Sales Engineers interact with CRMs and meeting intelligence platforms, write personalized content, and more!

Our Ask

If you're getting RFPs/RFIs or security questionnaires from prospects, are looking for an easy-to-use knowledge base, or have ideas for our next workflow, give us a shout at founders@dealpage.ai.

About Us

Our mission is to save Sales Engineers time and make them more effective through bespoke, purpose-built software and AI.

Ani was a Product Manager at Logitech, where he worked closely with Sales Engineers and built AI products. He studied Computer Science and Design at UC Berkeley.

Andrew was previously at Google X, working on large-scale data infrastructure and knowledge graph generation and retrieval using Google's LLM platform, LaMBDA.