Organize, transcribe, collaborate and share recordings.

Founding Core Product Engineer at Debrief

$120k - $150k / 0.40% - 0.75%
San Francisco / Remote
Job Type
3+ years
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Ned Rockson
Ned Rockson

About the role

#Founding Core Product Engineer

Debrief solves future of work challenges with our asynchronous video management and collaboration platform. Using Debrief’s AI-powered transcription and search, a company can catalog all of their recordings and quickly find the right information. Companies use Debrief for knowledge bases, meeting archives, asynchronous feedback, and a single place to store their growing number of videos.

We are hiring a founding core product engineer to join our 3 person engineering team led by the founders (ex-Twitch senior and principal engineers). This role will have a massive impact on the core product, company, and culture as we scale the way companies manage their video and collaborate asynchronously.

We view core product engineering as paramount. This is why we are giving this role a founder title. We expect this role to shape the future of Debrief’s core product while implementing it at a blistering pace. While this role has the title Engineer, this role is a hybrid product manager and engineer.

##Job Responsibilities

  • Understand product problems as phrased by the team and/or our customers and synthesize solutions quickly.
  • Be able to take a product description and convert it into a well-built product faster than anyone you know.
  • Take comfort in the unknown that comes with every early-stage company.
  • Wear the product manager hat to drive product decisions.
  • Ownership across the Debrief product.
  • Always provide our customers with the best possible product and experience.
  • Help to grow the team by interviewing and hiring new engineers.

##Requirements *4+ years experience as an engineer shipping code to a production system used by actual users.

  • Expert in typescript and React.js.
  • Very comfortable (3+ years) in web development.
  • 2+ years building backend systems as an engineer and shipping those systems to users.
  • Extraordinarily self-driven to build the best possible products for customers.
  • Desire to grow with the company, whether that means growing into management or a more senior individual contributor, this role will evolve as we grow.

##Location We are located in San Francisco. We have an office where we work 3 days per week. We are remote friendly but have a strong preference for people we can work together with in person.

Why you should join Debrief

Debrief solves future of work problems with our asynchronous video communication platform. Using Debrief’s AI powered transcription and search, a company can catalog all of their decisions and quickly reference anything said in the past. As companies transition to a hybrid workspace, they will require tools like Debrief to keep their organization plugged in and informed because real-time meetings will majorly phase out to support remote and distributed workforces.