API platform for banking integrations (Plaid for India and APAC)

Compliance & Security Engineer at Decentro

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Bangalore, India / Remote
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3+ years
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Rohit Taneja
Rohit Taneja

About the role

Imagine the possibilities in fin-tech if we remove >90% of the friction in the flow of money and financial data. Imagine the amazing innovations that can happen!

Decentro is an extremely easy to use and plug-and-play API banking platform for financial integrations in India (and soon beyond). We are looking to empower the community of fintechs, platforms, aggregators and even corporates in the country to embed banking in their products.

Do you have a passion for securing software and platforms? Are you passionate about crafting and running security and compliance of systems and software at massive scale and complexity? And, are you unfazed by the interplay of strategic vision and pragmatic delivery?

Responsibilities -

  1. If you are keenly enthusiastic about ethical hacking, security and engineering, it doesn't get bigger than this! You will be owning and handling the compliance and security of the infrastructure for the country's premier API banking & infrastructure provider.

  2. You will work closely with our technical architects, senior engineers, and more on designing and implementing the best possible security protocols, and methods for our core APIs and solutions.

  3. Partner with cross-functional core stakeholders in engineering, product management, program management, release management, QA, design, performance engineering, sales, and business teams to lead the compliance initiatives.

  4. Support on-site audits from financial institutions wanting to understand how to remain compliant with industry and geographical regulations.

  5. Research financial services industry to understand and become the subject matter expert for various compliance requirements that we may be subject to over our journey.

  6. Adjusting methodologies as necessary; anticipate technology changes and take steps to ensure our platform stays ahead of the industry when it comes to security.

Requirements -

  1. Minimum 3+ years of active security engineering, and implementation experience in a complex and fast growing startup or mid-scale company environment.

  2. Strong expertise in cloud environments (AWS) and integrating security controls through DevOps and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) techniques.

  3. Good knowledge of front end, middleware and backend technologies such as Python, ReactJS, Docker, and Kubernetes. Recent hands-on experience in the development of enterprise-grade API(s).

  4. Recent experience with agile development methodologies is a must.

  5. Demonstrated expertise in working on highly available, fault-tolerant, and secure solutions. And good knowledge of common compliance and regulatory frameworks like PCI-DSS, ISO etc.

  6. Excellent communication skills at all levels and proven ability to articulate compliance and technical requirements to all stakeholders

What we offer -

  1. The ability for you to make an impact and lay a foundation for the upcoming fin-tech innovations.

  2. A multicultural and diverse team of colleagues from different states that speak in total 6 Indian and global languages.

  3. Progressive and flexible work hours that match your personality and lifestyle.

  4. The best-in-class perks and benefits for developers. Check out our careers page for the same:

Part of YCombinator Summer batch 2020, we're a contrarian and progressive culture of independent thinkers and systematic executors that are driven to build cool things that matter.

If this aligns with you, time to hop on!

Why you should join Decentro

Almost all the fin-tech companies face a number of hidden challenges -

  • Making the choice of the first bank for integration and the APIs within.
  • Lack of a single POC in the banks / financial / KYC institutions to avoid running around between departments to get APIs and solutions.
  • Testing and reaching product-market fit quickly & cheaply
  • The choice of banking/financial license (if any) to go to market

Imagine the possibilities in Fin-tech if we remove >90% of the friction in the flow of money and financial data. Imagine the amazing innovations that can happen!

We want to be the go-to the platform where all of you can come, plug in the data, play around and launch with the desired APIs and modular SDKs to go live within days (instead of months). No need to run around and waste 5-6 months to integrate with banking/legacy BFSI / government partners. Not only that, but we also take care of the upcoming fixes, iterations, and updates without breaking any flow.