Building foundational AI for speech transcription and understanding.

Developer Experience Engineer

$150K - $200K
Remote (US)
Job Type
3+ years
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About the role

At Deepgram we make it easy to create inspiring voice experiences. Today, we offer a deep learning speech transcription and understanding API that just works. What’s next? We’re building the essential building blocks for Language AI.

Deepgram is looking for a Developer Experience Engineer that is passionate about machine learning and voice. You will be the vocal champion for our technical community's interests within the company. You will advocate for our technologies through various channels, such as open source contributions, conferences, technical posts, demos, and social media. Your primary responsibility will be to improve the developer experience by addressing concerns and providing technical support to developers and operators.

What You’ll Do -Be a vocal champion for the interests of our technical community, within the company, and stay informed about the landscape and context of our users.

-Develop sample code, documentation, and demos to showcase our products and technologies.

-Actively participate in engineering efforts to streamline the developer experience of our product.

-Work on engineering initiatives aimed at improving the developer experience, including SDKs and other tooling.

-Communicate internally and externally in a respectful manner, ensuring effective collaboration and understanding.

-Advocate for our technologies through open source contributions, conferences, technical content, demos, and social media.

-Represent the company by recording or streaming content, or by delivering it at conferences, meetups, podcasts, and hackathons.

-Assist in debugging technical problems faced by developers and operators, providing feedback to the product team and contributing fixes when necessary.

You’ll Love This Role If You -Have an interest in AI models, deep learning, or generative AI.

-Love engaging in social media to discuss or raise awareness around technology trends.

-Already produce high-calibre talks, posts, demos, videos or streams.

-Actively participate in open source.

-Develop internal and external tools and integrations to enhance the developer experience.

-Enjoy working in a close knit team environment, on cutting edge technologies.

It’s Important To Us That You -Are experienced in frontend and backend technologies to the extent that you’re capable of delivering demos that are both functional and aesthetically appealing.

-Have recent and working knowledge of Python, plus one or more of the following languages: Node.js, C#, Ruby, Go, or Rust.

-Have experience or experimented with other AI technologies or tooling, not limited to voice AI, such as; OpenAI, Pinecone, Eleven Labs, LangChain.

-Are proficient in the appropriate use of social media to improve awareness of product and technology.

-Can define and execute on an advocacy plan for specific interest/skill areas to grow adoption of our platform.

-Actively participate in Engineering efforts that help streamline the Developer Experience of our Product. -Work on tools and integrations, both internal and external to the company.

-Know the difference between lower and higher standards of quality in Developer Experience by actively trying out other tools in the ecosystem.

-Effectively communicate these efforts with global communities, but only once they are up to a high quality and standard.

-Are a trusted advisor and technical liaison between our technical communities and our Product teams.

-Demonstrate openness to others’ ideas. Can adapt your communication style to most effectively communicate with the target audience. Effectively and accurately share credit for ideas and collaborative efforts.

-Adapt to most effectively engage and influence the target audience with clarity. Speak to our product when opportunity presents itself, but must be genuine and clear.

-Help support the work of your peers both on the team and in the community at large, by pair programming, reviewing, and providing mentoring.

-Gather customer impressions of products and services and integrate this feedback into decision making.

It Would Be Great if You -Pay attention to how the landscape affects the product and make suggestions or in reference to this greater context.

-Had experience in cross-team collaboration to address wider business goals.

-Have external spoken materials such as speeches and workshops, refined and polished, practiced well so that the least amount of disturbance during delivery occurs and the audience feels respected.

-Have worked on integrations or materials that aid in partnerships within the ecosystem.

-Can demonstrate the ability to speak to our product in a genuine way that outlines the credibility of the best features of the product from a business perspective. Must be truthful.

-Have experience preemptively going through community questions, helping people, noticing trends and friction points, and creating resources that clarify or solve these issues.

-Coordinate efforts across teams rather than working in a silo.

-Speak to business goals while creating content.

-Work on proposals alongside our Product teams. Building out examples and use cases to validate concepts, and are also equally open to hearing "no".

About Deepgram

Deepgram is a foundational AI company building state of the art, production-ready AI models that streamline human-computer interaction and amplify productivity. By enabling seamless communication between humans and machines, we believe we can harness the untapped potential of AI and help pave the way for a more productive future. We passionately believe in the potential of audio data to transform lives, businesses, and interactions across the globe - which is why Deepgram is trusted by well-respected companies like NASA, Twilio, Auth0, and Spotify to push the boundaries of what is possible in voice technology!

Backed by prominent investors including Y Combinator, Madrona, Tiger Global, Wing VC and NVIDIA, Deepgram has raised over $85 million in total funding after closing our Series B funding round last year. If you're looking to work on cutting-edge technology and make a significant impact in the AI industry, we'd love to hear from you!

Our tech advantage is end-to-end deep learning, but our strength lies in our diversity of people, ideas, and experiences that allow our company to create amazing STT products for people who are true innovators in the field. We believe every voice should be heard—and understood—from our transcriptions to our customers to our employees. Come join our revolution to unlock the power of voice technology for everyone. We want to hear what you’ve got to say.

Team Size:115
Location:San Francisco
Scott Stephenson
Scott Stephenson