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UI Lead

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3+ years
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About the role

Well crafted apps have an after taste.  It’s usually subtle, very very subtle. But that’s the key.  Let’s riff here. Crafted experiences are like, hmmm, a bottle of Coke vs Pepsi. It takes a little more than the first sip to appreciate the after taste - and by the time you are done with the bottle, one of them is loved a little more.  (Hint: Coke’s less sweet and a patch bubblier and more likeable in the long run).

What will be the after taste of Defy? Joy for users and pride as builders.

It helps if you:

  • Eat Figma for breakfast with some Design System on the side.
  • You dream in high fidelity prototypes.
  • Every time we meet, you micro-interact.
  • Just love every bottoms sheet, field, button and interaction you build.

Some Responsibilities:

  • Lead a team of designers to implement screens, flows, visuals and interactions.
  • Collaborate with Product, Engineering, and other stake holders to create meaningful UI experiences.
  • Present ideas and concepts with user interviews, wireframes and high fidelity mockups.
  • Advocate for the prioritization of design centered changes, refinements, and improvements.

And before you ask - we know what frustrates designers. ‘Engineering bandwidth’ and MVP aren’t going to be constraints. We’ve flipped the equation a bit. Bring in fantastic Micro-Interactions, UI designs and Art Direction we’ll build it. Why? Well we are connoisseurs of the finer digital arts, chasing good after taste, and in general whores for quality. Basically, some lovely UI. Enter you.

Why you should join Defy

We are building India's first social crypto exchange. We plan to bring crypto to the next set of Indian users who are ready to jump in the crypto world but want someone to hold their hand and teach them how to.

Team Size:25
Location:Bengaluru, India
Bhagaban Behera
Bhagaban Behera
Nakul Kelkar
Nakul Kelkar
Sriharsha Setty
Sriharsha Setty