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Quantitative Developer

$150K - $250K
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3+ years
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About the role

About Delphia

Delphia is building the world's first investment strategy anyone can improve with their data. We select stocks to a portfolio by analyzing trends in the data and the market.

We are building a new kind of company that re-thinks the value of privacy, data rights, and fiduciary responsibility in order to ensure your data is always working for you — like your money.

Whether we're identifying trends or educating people on how their data can be used to make better investment decisions, people at Delphia are socially-minded creatives at heart. Our teams are continually iterating, solving hard problems, and collaborating to generate new forms of value and economic returns for our users (we call them “members”, in fact). Working together, we want people to realize the true value of their data — and we're just getting started.

Delphia is growing! We currently have 80 people in multi-disciplinary teams located around the world. The company was founded in 2018 and is a graduate of Y Combinator and the Creative Destruction Lab. We’ve raised three rounds of funding and approximately $80 million to date.

About the Role

Delphia is profoundly changing the investment landscape and you will be part of it! You will be an important member of the investment team, working with researchers and portfolio managers to generate “alpha” for investors. You will work on state-of-the-art machine learning systems, manage proprietary and open source data consumption and help oversee day-to-day hedge fund operations.

Job Scope

• Work closely with the research team to design ML and investment research tools and systems and to evaluate novel and potentially valuable data sources. • Working with quantitative research analysts to translate investment insights into a systematic, data-driven investment process • Work on a quantitative investment team responsible for active investment strategies, potentially in different regions and different asset classes (but currently focused on equities). • Manage the creation of forecasts, ideal portfolios and trade lists based on them. Simultaneously working to improve automation and scale. • Manage and update both data and portfolio generation pipelines in production and staging environments. • Optimize system performance and help push research into production. • Build and maintain prediction and backtesting infrastructure on the cloud


• Bachelor’s degree in a quantitative discipline (engineering, computer science, mathematics, physics, etc.) • Strong programming skills and experience with Python. Knowledge of python packages, dask, pandas, lightgbm, scikit learn, and/or numpy is a plus • Asset management experience highly desirable. Familiarity with quantitative investing terminology related to risk and return, transaction costs and portfolio construction. • Experience with CAPIQ data is a plus • Familiarity with Google Cloud Platform or similar (AWS, Azure, etc.) • Experience with cloud development (e.g. Git, Terraform, Kubernetes) and containerization (Docker, etc.) • Exposure to MLOps tools is a plus(e.g. MLFlow) • Experience with data ingestion and data processing pipelines (e.g. Airflow) • Advanced knowledge of database languages (e.g. SQL, BigQuery, Snowflake) • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

About Delphia

Delphia is building a new kind of asset manager that rethinks the value of data and how it can be used to gain an edge in forecasting markets. We believe that actively managing people’s data can unlock new forms of wealth creation for individual and institutional investors alike.

Team Size:35
Location:Toronto, Canada
Andrew Peek
Andrew Peek