Key custody software that secures crypto assets for businesses

Founding Backend/Infrastructure Engineer

$100k - $150k / 0.50% - 2.00%
Job Type
3+ years
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Allison Bellows
Allison Bellows

About the role

Come raise the bar for both security and convenience in storing crypto assets!

What you'll do

  1. Build cutting-edge applied cryptography: we make “hybrid” key management possible using Multi-Party Computation. This is the future; hear Brian Armstrong reference it here and peruse our friendly primer here. We’re at the edge of what’s possible with modern math and computation. If that excites you, come push the boundary with us.

  2. Design and ship features: you’ll be given a high degree of ownership and trust to build strong backend/infra foundations for the company. You're the type of engineer who iterates quickly, listens to user feedback, and pays down tech debt before it snowballs.

  3. Contribute to technology/product strategy: you're passionate about the company's strategy and are excited by the opportunity to meaningfully contribute to roadmap brainstorming and prioritization.

Existing stack

  • Backend: Rust, NextJS
  • SDKs: NodeJS, Rust (backend); JS/Typescript, React Native (frontend)
  • Infra/tools: AWS, Docker, Webauthn/FIDO, Wasm, Ethereum, Solana

Must have

3+ years of backend/infrastructure engineering experience at a tech company. We don't look for experience in particular languages, but rather an aptitude for problem solving.

Nice to have

Experience in security engineering and/or mobile engineering (iOS preferred).


  1. Health, dental and vision insurance.
  2. 401k with 4% match.
  3. Remote work environment with optional team offsites. PDT time zone is required to ensure smooth collaboration.
  4. Macbook pro and other tech hardware to make your job easier.
  5. Unlimited PTO and sick days.

About the interview

4 interviews to offer:

  1. Informal phone screen for 30 minutes by Agni (CEO)
  2. Tech screen for 45 minutes by Allison (CTO)
  3. Behavioral screen for 45 minutes by Agni (CEO). This will be largely based on our company's culture doc.
  4. Virtual onsite where you will be presented three options:

A) 2 day long take-home assignment [recommended] OR B) 1 hour synchronous interview - Triplebyte/Leetcode with domain expertise dive OR C) Past project review

We do our best to turn around quickly and respect any competing timelines that you may have.

Why you should join Derisk

Key management software for businesses to secure crypto assets

Team Size:2
Location:Palo Alto
Allison Bellows
Allison Bellows
Agni Bhattacharya
Agni Bhattacharya