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Full-time engineer/#4 employee at Dime

San Francisco / Remote
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1+ years
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Aaron Barbieri-Aghib
Aaron Barbieri-Aghib

About the role

Come build the future of NFTs with us at Dime! We're looking to add our fourth engineer to the team, after our two technical co-founders. As one of our first hires, you'll get a ton of ownership and responsibility (and stock options). We're moving really fast and scaling up, so looking for someone excited for the challenge, and to join in on the journey with us.

We've building a ton right now: we're improving our frontend, scaling our backend infra, optimizing our DB use and networking, creating new blockchain functionality, and more. Full stack experience is ideal but not at all required. Some specific skills that might be useful:

  • React/general Javascript
  • Node js/Express
  • Frontend HTML+CSS UI/UX experience
  • Experience working with AWS backend infra (RDS, S3, EC2)
  • Blockchain dev experience is great but not at all required (we learned via Dime!).

You can check out the current site at www.dime.io. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Why you should join Dime

At Dime, we're tackling the biggest problem in one of the hottest areas in tech: NFTs. We think NFTs have the potential to transform the way we create art, use the internet, play games, and much more. But for that to happen, we need a system that's powerful enough to make good on their promise, but easy and clear enough for everyday people to use.

We're building our site from the ground up to emphasize this goal, providing both access to the fundamental technology and the layers of abstraction needed to make it the best possible user experience. We're the first NFT marketplace to not require a crypto wallet; the first to transact purely in USD; and most importantly, the first marketplace that ordinary people will want to use.

Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco
Aaron Barbieri-Aghib
Aaron Barbieri-Aghib
Ben Share
Ben Share