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Founding Rust Engineer

$125K - $150K / 0.50% - 3.00%
San Francisco, CA, US
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3+ years
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Jonathan Kelley
Jonathan Kelley

About the role

Work on actually hard problems with massive ownership and huge reach.

Dioxus is looking to hire its first fulltime in-person Rust engineer in San Francisco.

We’re looking for a “cracked” Rust engineer who’s not intimidated by complex systems and unfamiliar domains. You’re the perfect candidate if you feel comfortable writing web services, diving into linkers, coding microcontrollers, exploring AI, and staring at the W3 specifications for hours on end.

Our current team is made up of similarly cracked engineers: our side projects include AI Metaframeworks, plasma physics simulations, from-scratch RC airplanes, and homebuilt web browsers(!!).

Our office is literally my old apartment - it’s cozy, sunny, in a safe area, and you get to sit next to me while we bang out the next year of features. You’d be the first fulltime in-person employee, so the experience will be much closer to a founding engineer than a corporate drone.

Our current projects include binary patching Rust, a linker-based asset system, a deploy platform, server-side HTML streaming, local-first AI finetuning, a TUI devtool, and rendering Firefox’s CSS engine with WGPU.

Ideally you have a good sense of API design and an eye for polish. Our CLI is literally called dx - developers are at the core of our design! Our docs are generated by proc macros!

This is an in-person role - you’re free to work on a beach for a week (team offsite?!) but the typical week will involve a healthy dose of startup grind. Please, keep your weekends full of fun.

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About the interview

  • You’ve built something you’re proud of. Explain it to me! Talk about the problems you solved, the things you didn’t know, what you’d add, and more.
  • Show me your favorite framework’s API and why you think it’s great. How would you improve it? How would it compose?
  • Talk about yourself.
  • A takehome.
  • Technical interviews with founder friends.

About Dioxus Labs

Dioxus is on a mission to rethink cross-platform app development using Rust. We're developer-focused, open source, ambitious, and get to work on deep technical problems.

We're directly taking on Flutter, React Native, and the native toolkits (Apple, Google).

Our open source repo has nearly 20,000 stars on GitHub and we've been part of the Github Accelerator and presented at numerous conferences.

Dioxus Labs
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Jonathan Kelley
Jonathan Kelley