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Data Scientist

$100K - $150K
New York, NY, US
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3+ years
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Michelle Yin
Michelle Yin

About the role

What Is Discz?

Discz is an app for Gen Z to connect around music and culture, but with the expression and playfulness of the myspace and mixtape era. We provide a digital world where you can find your communities and build fully customizable spaces to show off your interests.

Job Description

We’re looking for someone who is excited to lead the charge on helping us better understand our users through data.

The ideal candidate is someone who can not only look at data but tell a story from it. Someone who gets excited around data and proactively shares their ideas to influence marketing, growth, product, and more. Whether that’s looking at internal user engagement or external third party data, we’re looking for someone who is passionate about influencing our company strategy from their insights.

We’re a culture that thrives on pairing data with creativity, combining the two to shape every effort we make.


  • Pull and analyze data to understand the “why” behind consumer actions
  • Create dashboards to help others visualize user engagement
  • Prototype content ranking algorithms
  • Shape growth effort strategy and track progress and success
  • Provide guidance for simplifying the user journey and building virality
  • Implement measurement to track impact of marketing efforts both in market and in product
  • Analyze of user cohorts per advertising channel
  • Driving strategic marketing and product recommendations based off user engagement
  • Competitive analysis + assessing impact of trends on the business

Ideal Requirements

  • 3+ years of working as a data analyst, or related role
  • Strong competency in SQL, Python, and R
  • Can proactively create an insights roadmap and manage requests from cross functional partners
  • Able to structure user data in a systemized way so it can be viewed comparatively to other features or product launches
  • Has a deep understanding of combining data sources (e.g. merging data across backend DBs, amplitude, & Google analytics)
  • Strong communication skills to influence key partners
  • Able to think holistically and can influence others to buy into your strategy

If you’re excited to learn more, please include your resume and a brief sentence or two about why you’re interested in Discz in your application.

About discz

Team Size:11
Location:New York
Bobby Pinckney
Bobby Pinckney
Michelle Yin
Michelle Yin