Double – Coding Copilot

Double – Coding Copilot

AI coding copilot engineered for performance

Do you run into these problems with Github Copilot? - Bad completions that break your train of thought when you’re writing comments? - Doesn’t close brackets, or adds too many closing brackets? - Functions, variables, and libraries not being auto-imported after accepting a suggestion? - Multi-cursor mode not working? - Wish copilot could name your variables? - Wish copilot could trigger in the middle of a line? - Want to stop wasting time with GPT3.5 chat and default to GPT4? Double is an high quality alternative to Copilot inside VS Code, engineered for performance. It’s designed with great craftsmanship by people who care a lot about getting the small details right. Check our BF launch posts for details!

Double – Coding Copilot
Team Size:2
Location:Redwood City, CA
Group Partner:Jared Friedman

Active Founders

Wesley Yue

– Founder at Double – Previously co-founder at Ninja (last mile robotics turned into full stack grocery delivery), and a bunch of robotics teams (Waymo, Kodiak, Kitty Hawk) – Engineering at Waterloo

Gonzalo Espinoza Graham

Born in Peru, went to Waterloo. Worked at Tesla on Model 3 & Cybertruck. Got my first US patent for a system on the Semi Truck. Started Watfly to work on electric aircraft. After worked on food delivery robots that turned into Ninja Delivery, Canada's first 10-min delivery service which we sold in 2022. Now working on AI at Double. Took some pics along the way: gonzalobuilds.com

Gonzalo Espinoza Graham
Gonzalo Espinoza Graham
Double – Coding Copilot

Company Launches


If you’re looking to answer questions about your sales prospects using information that’s on the web (news articles, LinkedIn profiles, company websites, financial filings, press releases), Double can look it up for you and use it to answer your questions in bulk.


Researching and qualifying your sales prospects takes forever

  • The information you need to qualify your leads lives in news articles, job posts, LinkedIn profiles, company websites, OpenCorporate, Crunchbase and other aggregators
  • Most of this can be manually Google’d, but doing so, plus reading it and formatting it the way you want it, takes time

Background research your sales prospects by searching the web with LLMs

  • Double searches the web using LLMs to compile verifiable answers. Every answer includes citations to reputable sources

Companies use Double to answer hyper-focused qualifying questions

  • Let’s say you’re selling tools for remote work, and you’re targeting remote-first companies.
  • Crunchbase/Linkedin/etc don’t have filters for “Remote-First?”, so you either:
    • Broadly target companies and hope they do some remote work – leads to poor conversion 🤞
    • Or, google each company one by one and look at their job openings – tedious 😔
  • Instead, Double can search the web with language models and compile a verifiable answer with citations! 🔥

Repeat Founders from Waterloo

Before Double, we:

  • studied engineering at Waterloo
  • worked on autonomous vehicles at Waymo and Tesla, and
  • built Ninja, Canada’s first 10-minute delivery service. Ninja raised $2M and offered deliveries in 2 cities with a team of 80+ couriers before it was acquired in 2022.

Let us automate your manual prospecting processes!

  • Got a question you want answered about your prospects, or looking to save time in your prospecting process? Book a product tour with us!
  • Tell us about the most manual, time-consuming part of your sales process

Other Company Launches

Double — Internet-capable GPT bots to automate repetitive work

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