The essential platform for modern medical practices and patients.

Senior DevOps Engineer

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About the role

About Drchrono:

We are a YCombinator-funded startup working to revolutionize US healthcare! Serving tens of thousands of healthcare providers and over 17 million patients, DrChrono was the first EHR to build a native app for the iPad and iPhone. We’re the only official Apple Mobility Partner for healthcare, the youngest company to be included in the US Government Precision Medicine Initiative, the #1 EHR as voted by doctors, and the #1 mobile EHR as voted by Black Book. Our products can be completely tailored to any medical practice—small, large, enterprise, or specialty—and are open to third-party innovation via a robust API.


Our people and the enthusiasm for healthcare is contagious. We’re one of the most tech-forward healthcare players in the EHR industry and our philosophy “more time with patients, less time doing paperwork” drives constant innovation throughout the company.


DrChrono’s engineering organization has been the superpower of the company from its early days, with a high-velocity approach and a strong ability to align priorities with company growth targets. Most recently, as DrChrono sought to support physicians and patients through the Covid-19 crisis, the engineering team successfully launched a telemedicine product in just weeks.

Our engineering team develops innovative products, and collaborates with both product and design teams from the beginning to create outstanding features. We have the mind and soul of SaaS startup, and work in quick iterations to continuously perfect our application!

Our tech stack is rooted in Python, with our backend being powered by Django. Our frontend utilizes a mix of vanilla JavaScript, jQuery/Bootstrap, AngularJS, Django templating, and Elm (we’re trying to consolidate, I promise!)..

In this role you will...

  • Maintain all our environments (Dev, Staging, DB, Warehouse, Analytics)
  • Improve our scalability, reliability, capacity, security & performance
  • Build internal tools on Python and Salt Stack to support infrastructure
  • Participate in on-call rotation, and be responsible for the uptime of our infrastructure.
  • Troubleshoot incidents, test out hypotheses and find root-causes
  • Work alongside our software engineers, providing guidance on best practices for performance and security
  • Help to optimize our data layer to support improved scalability as we grow
  • Contribute in architectural design for existing and new products

Some projects you will be apart of...

  • Build out scalable infrastructure of our Database layer
  • Increase efficiency and develop best practices to help us build a scalable platform that helps doctors run their practice more efficiently
  • Tighten our platform security and address infrastructure vulnerabilities

You have...

  • Knowledge of UNIX/Linux and experience working with open source software (such as MySQL, Celery, HAProxy, etc)
  • Experience with Python and Django ORM
  • Experience working with MariaDB/RedShift DB and DB Administration
  • Understand modern web stacks and architecture (HTTP, REST)
  • Experience with deploying web apps to cloud infrastructure (AWS) and working with distributed, service-oriented architecture
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer or Software Engineering (or equivalent experience)
  • Clear communication skills when it comes to reporting needs and answering technical and service questions

Why you should join DrChrono

The essential platform for modern medical practices to make care more informed, more interactive, and more personalized.

Healthcare is a mess. Too many hospitals continue to use paper charts, or archaic, proprietary software. We're solving the problem using a platform, iPad, and an open APIs. If revolutionizing healthcare excites you, join our growing team and help us achieve our mission to build better software for doctors and patients, improving healthcare for all.

We are a Y Combinator funded company startup working fully remote.

Since our inception, we have attracted thousands of physicians, 24+ million patients,. We’ve booked millions patient appointments and processed billions dollars in medical billing per year. DrChrono is ranked by INC 500 as one of the fastest growing private companies in America. We are an official Apple Mobility Partner with our industry-leading EHR (Electronic Health Records) iPad app.

We have been to the White House to discuss how technology can solve healthcare problems as part of the Obama Administration’s Precision Medicine Initiative.

We are innovating the healthcare industry as a whole. Although you may not be physically working in a physicians office you are helping to improve the greater good and making it easier for doctors to spend more face time with their patients.