AI-powered 3D Design

Full Stack Engineer - AI-Powered 3D Design Tool in Brooklyn, NY

$150K - $185K / 0.50% - 1.00%
New York, NY, US
Job Type
3+ years
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Justin Woodbridge
Justin Woodbridge

About the role

Dream3D is building a new generation of 3D tools for design, animation and gaming. We’re tackling hard problems across computer graphics, AI and UI/UX design to build the future of 3D creation.

We’re a team of designs/creative technologists, and machine learning experts passionate about tool making and exploring our relationships with intelligent systems. We’re backed by great investors like SNR, Twenty Two VC, Y Combinator, and are looking to grow our founding team.

If this resonates, we want to meet you.

About Us

We’re both second-time founders -

  • Tony Francis: Started Inokyo, building AI-powered retail stores (like Amazon Go). Led machine learning platform at Clubhouse.
  • Justin Woodbridge: Started Bayes, a design-focused data visualization tool. Acquired by Airtable in 2021.

About the Role

We’re looking for an exceptional full-stack engineer to join our founding team. You will be the first full-stack engineer on the team—you'll work directly with the founders, Tony and Justin.

Ideally you:

  • Have 3+ years of software development experience
  • Are comfortable in Typescript/React. Our stack is Typescript/React/Next on the frontend, and Python/Fast API on the backend.
  • You have good judgement to push the most impactful ideas forward that will make users happy.
  • Excited to own end-to-end development of new features, getting into the weeds on both design/product decisions as well as engineering implementation.
  • You have good judgement of when to ship: perfect is the enemy of good
  • You care about details and are excited to keep pushing your work

It’s a plus if you have experience with AI/ML systems previously, but not a requirement.

We’re big believers that small, in-person teams are the ones that create the future. We work out of our Brooklyn, New York office, but are flexible with hybrid work schedules. Ideally you are based in NYC.

About Dream3D

Dream3D is an AI-powered 3D design tool. It lets designers instantly create and render 3D scenes with AI.

Designers can build a complete 3D scene by asking for what they want – “a jet ski in front of a building”, and then render a final image by describing how it looks – “photorealistic yellow jet ski, evening sun, 80s magazine ad”.

We see ourselves as the next generation Autodesk, focusing on professional design workflows instead of building for hobbyists. Unlike current generative tools, we give users the fine-grain control they need for professional projects.

Our goal is to become a complete 3D suite for animation and creating full 3D worlds. We’re building the generative engine for video games, AR/VR and even industrial simulation tasks like training embodied AI.

Team Size:2
Location:New York
Tony Francis
Tony Francis
Justin Woodbridge
Justin Woodbridge