the game where everyone creates together.

Software Engineer / Game Developer at DreamWorld

San Francisco Bay Area
Job Type
Any (new grads ok)
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Garrison Bellack
Garrison Bellack

About the role

We're looking for great programmers that know: C++, Unreal Engine, Game Development, Git, (and if you'd like to work on multiplayer networking: Distributed Systems, Go).

You should take this job if you:

  1. Love video games.
  2. Want to have visible, critical impact on weekly code shipping.
  3. Like to decide what features you build every week.

Why you should join DreamWorld

DreamWorld is the virtual world where millions create together. Think Minecraft or Roblox, a social platform where players create content for other players, except one immersive world, targeted for players 13-40.

If you've been inspired by games like World of Warcraft, Minecraft, and Roblox, the DreamTeam wants you! We believe our marriage of massive multiplayer social world and content creation focused gameplay will dominate the future of gaming and digital spaces.