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3D Artist, Unreal Engine (Senior-Principal)

Redwood City, CA / Remote
Job Type
3+ years
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Garrison Bellack
Garrison Bellack

About the role

We're looking for our team's first 3D Artist, who has a wealth of Unreal Engine and artistic experience. If you are instead a Character Artist, please see the Character Artist job posting.

Projects you could work on: City/Level Design, Procedural Biomes, Lighting/Atmospherics, Cinematics, Textures, Static Mesh Modeling, UI, Icons, Particle Effects.

You will lead all visual aspects of the game, determining prioritization of immediate work, rapidly executing on it, and setting the foundation for future art hires.

You should take this job if you:

  1. Love video games.
  2. Want to be a founding member of a company where you steer artistic vision, product design, and future growth.
  3. Want to have visible, critical impact on weekly releases.
  4. Enjoy minimal process and deciding what you work on every week.

Why you should join DreamWorld

DreamWorld is the massive digital world where everyone creates together. Think Minecraft or Roblox, except one immersive social world.

Here is a gameplay video showcasing 1 year's development progress: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GxIV2GbUB4&list=PL0x8zBFe0sRiBXnpPWiT_3Jn1HK_e3hWW&index=1&ab_channel=PlayDreamWorld

Look at the software that has fundamentally changed how people live: Search (Google), Social Networks (Facebook), Ecommerce (Amazon). Now think of what will come in the next 25. One of these monumental shifts will be the pervasiveness of the Digital World, and it is our goal to create it.

We believe this Digital World will rise out of the medium that's had the seeds of it for a while, Gaming. So we are building the largest MMO ever. Our gameplay revolves around Social and User Creation. To oversimplify, our initial goal is creating a successor to Minecraft and World of Warcraft.

Team Size:8
Location:San Francisco
Garrison Bellack
Garrison Bellack
Zachary Kaplan
Zachary Kaplan