Make infinite $$$ off of clothes in your closet without selling them

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Why you should join Dressd

Dressd is AirBnb for clothes; a P2P clothing rental marketplace. Unlike Rent the Runway, we don’t handle any inventory or deal with cleaning the items. Our initial target market is sorority girls who can have up to 3-4 events per week that they need a new outfit/dress for. One of our core theses is that this idea couldn’t have existed at scale until now because resale apps like Depop & Poshmark paved the way for a P2P model to work after familiarizing users with the process of taking pictures of items, shipping, etc.

Advantages to our P2P model

  • Entrepreneur-led
    • Similar to Depop, most of our growth will be spearheaded by a group of “top renters”
  • More variety in inventory
    • Existing rental companies like Rent the Runway own all the inventory so they're limited to the brands they buy/partner with. Since we're P2P, our users can rent any item or brand that's in someone else's closet
  • Better margins
    • we don’t touch any inventory or deal with the cleaning of any items
    • Unlike Rent the Runway, we don’t handle any inventory or the cleaning of items. This means people renting out their clothing on Dressd are responsible for shipping things out & returning them in good condition

Here are some of our links!

dressd website

dressd instagram

dressd tiktok

read about dressd in Yahoo! Finance: https://www.yahoo.com/now/dressd-app-someplace-2-133700219.html

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Location:Los Angeles, CA
Capri Wheaton
Capri Wheaton