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Software Engineer, Backend

San Francisco, Toronto, Remote
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3+ years
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Ayazhan Zhakhan
Ayazhan Zhakhan

About the role

About Dropbase

Dropbase is a data platform that empowers teams to streamline and automate repetitive data cleaning workflows collaboratively. With Dropbase, data teams can turn CSVs, Excel, and online data sources such as Salesforce and Shopify into analytics databases instantly.

At Dropbase, we are changing the way people move, process, and manage data across organizations and within teams. The world's data is trapped offline through CSV, Excel, and incompatible data formats. Our mission is to make this data more useful by bringing it online

Dropbase is backed by Y Combinator.

Why Join

As an early engineering recruit, you'll get a lot of autonomy, responsibility, and ownership. You will get challenging problems to solve with lots of context and guidance. We're an early stage startup and you'll be working directly with the founders, helping define vision, system architecture, and product. Join us to be part of the core engineering team we're building.

Who You Are

You take initiative and prioritize the work that adds the most value to the company. You work with urgency, have great focus, take ownership, and get things done. You are constantly learning, always improving.

You strive for excellence. You care deeply about building great products, our customers, and our company. You appreciate giving and receiving critical feedback because it helps teams grow. You communicate with clarity and high insight density. You constantly bring up new ideas and speak up when you believe things can be improved.

Role Overview

As a Backend Engineer, you will work with the founders, alongside full-stack and frontend engineers. You will develop highly-scalable and secure backend and infrastructure to allow Dropbase to handle a large number of user and data.

Besides working on the codebase and infrastructure, you will play a key role in product direction and setting up the right processes to help the product scale.


  • Backend application development
  • Build features, design and implement APIs
  • Planning, scaling, and deploying software cloud infrastructure
  • Design, develop, test, deploy, maintain and improve codebase

Minimum qualifications

  • Experience with AWS Infrastructure
  • Proficient with Python, Flask
  • Experience with relational databases
  • Experience designing REST APIs
  • You write clean, testable and maintainable code
  • Experience designing scalable systems
  • Ability to readily and quickly learn most technologies on-the-go
  • Ability to thrive in an fast-paced environment with a high degree of autonomy
  • Verbal and written English fluency

Preferred qualifications

  • Experience using Pandas, Numpy and Jupyter Notebook (or Colab)
  • Experience with distributed systems
  • Experience with CloudFormation or Terraform
  • Nice to have experience with WebAssembly, Go, and Rust

How to Apply

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Note: this is a remote position. We have a preference for candidates in the time zones between and including PST to EST (UTC−05:00 to UTC−08:00)

Why you should join Dropbase

Turn your CSV and Excel files to live databases and REST APIs, instantly.

Team Size:5
Location:San Francisco
Jimmy Chan
Jimmy Chan
Ayazhan Zhakhan
Ayazhan Zhakhan