Premium crypto platform, automating asset & yield management

Founding Frontend Engineer

$120k - $180k / 0.25% - 1.00%
San Francisco / Remote
Job Type
3+ years
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Kush Maheshwari
Kush Maheshwari

About the role

About earnJARVIS

What started as 2 brand name assets, BTC & ETH, has now turned into a digital economy filled with blockchains, tokens, Decentralized Finance protocols, and more. Accessing, diversifying, and learning across this maze is complicated but critical to creating a long term crypto investment strategy.

earnJARVIS is building a premier crypto automation platform to help create digital asset portfolios with built-in yield management. Think of us like Titan for Crypto and DeFi.

Our software brings the feeling of modern wealth management such as portfolio rebalancing, tax-loss harvesting, and crisp education. We then layer on crypto native yield strategies such as Staking and Decentralized Finance to maximize portfolio performance. We do all of this while abstracting the complexities associated with accessing the ecosystem. We are building the easiest way to invest in crypto.

About You

You are a rockstar engineer who loves to build complex products and systems from the ground up. You are a team player who enjoys collaborative environments but is not afraid to voice their opinion. You have a strong architectural sense and have a demonstrated ability to turn architecture into code. You thrive in ambiguous settings and know how to balance tech debt and "doing things right". You want to be part of a small, fast-paced, and energetic team looking to impact consumer investing.

About the role

We’re looking for a founding frontend engineer to help us build the best-in-class crypto asset and yield management platform. An ideal candidate has 4 years of frontend engineering experience building user-centric products, experiences, and UIs.

A great fit:

  • Has built scalable, detailed, and interactive frontends
  • Has worked with designers to create polished user experiences with modern frameworks
  • Has experience maintaining web applications in production with security considerations such as session/token management, authentication, and accessibility
  • Is familiar with A/B testing and analytics frameworks to optimize user experiences
  • Can design and build robust backend APIs for the frontend to consume
  • Wants to set, maintain, and adhere to great software engineering standards (comments, testing, documentation, high quality review)
  • Is excited to spend their day coding, building, and designing software
  • Craves ownership and autonomy in a role that will supercharge your growth both professionally and personally

You will:

  • Work with design to create and build user journeys and experiences
  • Iterate on UIs with analytics and customer feedback
  • Integrate a crisp educational layer (video) into our web app
  • Build or integrate authentication into our tech stack
  • Write backend APIs for the frontend to consume
  • Own the entire frontend stack

Tech Stack

  • Backend: Python, Django, Celery, Redis, Postgres
  • Frontend: React, Typescript
  • Infrastructure: AWS, Docker


  • Full health benefits — medical, dental, vision.
  • New laptop of your choice.
  • Food and Gym Stipend, eating well and taking care of your physical health is important in a startup environment
  • 401(K) Plan
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Remote or hybrid in-person (San Francisco, CA)

About Us

earnJARVIS was co-founded by Kush Maheshwari and Atyab Bhatti. Friends from their days at UIUC, Kush and Atyab have known each other for 7 years. Previously, Kush was a hackNY fellow and worked at Rubrik where he built core infrastructure and helped scale the engineering team 3x. Atyab helped scale CPG businesses to millions in revenue and worked at Mckinsey & Co where he advised businesses on strategy and emerging technologies. They previously co-founded Solace.Fi, a DeFi protocol on Ethereum, but saw a substantial opportunity in bringing complex crypto investments to everyone. earnJARVIS is funded by top-tier VCs and angels.

About the interview

Introduction zoom chat with the technical cofounder, Kush

This is an informal call for us to meet each other and get to know one another. The conversation will cover some light technical discussion about your past projects and your ability to code and build fairly involved systems. We would like to hear details about those projects and both your product and technical decisions (good or bad) which show ownership and autonomy. We also want to understand what you are looking for in your next role and why you are interested in early stage startups. You will get to ask us about the role and learn about what working at earnJARVIS will feel like.

Two technical interviews

These technical interviews will give you an ability to show off your building skills. We will evaluate your ability too critically think and create real world products. These will NOT be algorithmic "leet code style" questions which we believe are not a good indicator of your ability to work on the earnJARVIS product.

Side by Side Home project with the team

We will have you work on a task very similar to what you would build at earnJARVIS. You will work on this on a call with an earnJARVIS team member and will get to present your work at the end of the call.


Why you should join earnJARVIS

earnJARVIS is building a crypto robo-advisor that helps users create long term crypto portfolios with built in yield management.

What started as 2 brand name assets, BTC & ETH, has now turned into a cryptoverse filled with blockchains, digital assets, Decentralized Finance protocols, and more. Accessing, diversifying, and learning across this maze is complicated but critical to becoming a smart crypto investor.

Our robo-advisor brings the feeling of modern wealth management (rebalancing and tax-loss harvesting) and adds in crypto native strategies to make your crypto earn crypto! We do all of this while hiding the complexities and high costs associated with accessing the crypto ecosystem.

Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco
Atyab Bhatti
Atyab Bhatti
Kush Maheshwari
Kush Maheshwari