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Senior Mobile Engineer (remote)

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6+ years
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Josh Cohenzadeh
Josh Cohenzadeh

About the role

As a Senior Mobile Engineer at Emerge you’ll be responsible for implementing low level measurement and tooling in iOS apps, while analyzing the best ways to improve upon common development patterns.

The stack you’ll work with covers code injection to hook syscalls on phone and simulator, Mach-O modification, runtime instrumentation (stacktraces/memory management) and automated management of iOS builds + devices through a Ruby CI pipeline.

An ideal candidate would be passionate about the intersection of operating systems, runtimes, and developer tools. The specifics of a language or platform are less important than deep technical curiosity and a willingness to explore new problems.

Check out some our blog posts to get an idea of what we work on:


  • Support application analysis running on thousands of builds a day from many of the biggest mobile app companies in the world
  • Directly work with developers at these companies to implement changes and understand results
  • Identifying optimizations at low levels of code, often through reverse engineering or static analysis
  • Developing CI applications that analyze app binaries, profile apps on devices, and gather information from dsyms or linkmaps to make suggestions to developers
  • Create interactive and detailed visualizations that help developers understand how their changes affect real users
  • Speak at conferences, write blog posts, and other community building

Recommended Experience

  • 6+ years software engineering experience
  • Strong operating system fundamentals - you’ll frequently need to understand how applications are run at a low level, such as memory management, process lifecycle, thread state
  • Comfortable with low level C and system calls
  • Familiarity with language runtimes, compilers and linkers. LLVM or Swift is a plus!
  • Knowledge of build systems and CI pipelines
  • Passionate about performance and code quality at scale!

We’re also looking for engineers interested in working on related aspects of performance such as networking, code size, data visualization even if they are not iOS specific. Reach out if you’re interested in any of these!

Why you should join Emerge Tools

Our team (ex Airbnb, Apple, Amazon, Google, Stripe engineers) is small, technically experienced and tight knit. We're fully remote spanning from Los Angeles, Seattle and New York, but love to spend time in person together so we try to have a company retreat at least once a quarter.

Our company was picked as one of TechCrunch's favorites after Demo Day and we already work with some of the biggest companies in the world like Dropbox (+ many others we can't publicly name yet).

TechCrunch also wrote about us here!

If there is no posted role that fits what you're looking for but you're passionate about joining, please reach out to me personally -> josh@emergetools.com

Emerge Tools
Team Size:7
Location:Santa Monica, CA
Josh Cohenzadeh
Josh Cohenzadeh
Noah Martin
Noah Martin