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About the role

Who we are

At Emi Labs (Y Combinator 2019) we are building the next generation technology infrastructure to increase Frontline Workers' access to professional opportunities. We currently offer a SaaS recruitment platform powered by A.I. that helps companies engage with Candidates through chat applications to drive faster and more efficient hiring processes.

We save Recruiters a huge amount of time by automating tasks such as screening, validating skills, scheduling interviews and collecting documents, enabling them to focus only on qualified candidates. This helps them hire the best Candidates for their roles, while at the same time giving a fair opportunity, and a great recruiting experience, to all Candidates alike.

What you'll be doing

As a UX Manager at Emi Labs you will become the founder of a new UX & Design function at the company, and lead the way in how we design user-focused experiences for our Users, as we build the next generation infrastructure for Frontline Workers worldwide.

Product development is an extremely collaborative effort at Emi Labs between Product, Engineering, Data Science and customer-facing teams. This role will add a new perspective and toolset to the way we can build product and experiences, and take us to the next level design-wise. We’re looking for a driven, curious, and high-energy leader with a passion for design who can build world-class experiences for our users worldwide.

Your Main Responsibilities

  • Develop an unique identity for a high-profile B2B product as it grows internationally.
  • Own big design projects from beginning to end (e.g. redesign our Hiring Platform for Recruiters, rethink the candidate experience during interviews, etc.).
  • Design mockups and high-fidelity user interfaces to improve Recruiters’ experience using our Product.
  • Work cross-functionally with Product Managers, Engineers & Data Scientists to define both the long-term strategy and the short-term tactics for our Product.
  • Build and manage an elite and widely respected design organization.
  • Conduct and/or manage our User Research initiatives and communicate insights company-wide.
  • Understand how and where to use data to improve products

What we're looking for

  • Advanced understanding of UI/UX concepts.
  • Can distill complex problems into precise, simple, and delightful solutions.
  • Ability to design polished, high-fidelity mockups and prototypes using tools such as Figma, Sketch, InVision.
  • Know how to make use of qualitative and quantitative data to back up your design decisions as well as suggest new research.
  • Care about details and are excited to keep pushing your work until is pixel-perfect.
  • Love working with designers to help them learn and grow—and have them help you learn and grow.
  • Extreme curiosity, a bias for action, and appetite for learning and growth.
  • Delivers value every week: thinks big, starts small, grows fast.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, both in Spanish and English.


  • Background in Engineering/Front-end development.
  • Experience building enterprise products (B2B SaaS).
  • Have started a UX/Design Team from scratch in the past.

Why you should join Emi Labs

At Emi Labs (YC '19) we are on a mission to increase frontline workers' access to professional opportunities by building the infrastructure for Frontline Workers (check our manifesto here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/our-manifesto-building-infrastructure-frontline-workers-emi-labs/). As our first step, we are transforming the high-volume recruiting process of Frontline Workers to make it as simple, human, and fair as possible for both Candidates and Recruiters. Our product is a SaaS recruitment platform powered by AI that helps companies engage with candidates via text to drive faster and more efficient hiring processes. We are growing fast, well funded, and obsessed with making our mission a reality.

Some of their customers include Walmart, Burger King, Starbucks, 7-Eleven, Danone, Imperfect Foods, or Heineken.

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Andres Arslanian
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