Empirical Health

Empirical Health

Proactive primary care, scaled with AI

Empirical Health is proactive primary care. We use AI to triage healthcare resources to efficiently manage chronic illness and succeed in value-based care payment models. We're licensed, registered, and insured to deliver real medical care in 8 US states.

Empirical Health
Team Size:5
Group Partner:Surbhi Sarna

Active Founders

Brandon Ballinger

Data for good. Co-founder at Empirical Health (YC S23), Cardiogram (acquired), and Sift (YC S11, top 50 YC company). Also led Risk Engineering at Brex, helped with the HealthCare.gov rescue team, and served as a tech lead on Google speech recognition.

Brandon Ballinger
Brandon Ballinger
Empirical Health

Raquel Rodriguez Martinez

Physician | Health Technology | Co-founder at Empirical Health | Previously Assistant Clinical Professor at UCSF & Family Medicine at Kaiser

Raquel Rodriguez Martinez
Raquel Rodriguez Martinez
Empirical Health

Company Launches

Hi! We’re Raquel and Brandon. Last year we launched Empirical Health in four states — today we’re launching a major update.

Empirical Health 2.0 transforms your biometric data and personal goals into a customized health plan. To ensure safety, your care plan must always be reviewed with a real human doctor, who can order necessary labs, referrals, or prescriptions. Medical care through Empirical is now available to 200 million people across 27 states.

Here’s how Empirical can help you live a healthier life:

  • Let’s say you have low deep sleep. Empirical will analyze your sleep stages and bedtime consistency to design a protocol to assess sleep hygiene, risk of sleep apnea, and recommend further testing, reviewed by a doctor.
  • Want to increase VO2Max? Empirical crafts an exercise protocol with Norwegian 4x4s, Zone 2 training, and strength training to improve VO2Max.
  • Suffering from Long Covid, Dysautonomia, or POTS? Empirical creates a plan to evaluate you for POTS. It starts with taking orthostatic vitals using a heart rate monitor and a blood pressure cuff (essentially, an at-home version of the $1,900 tilt table test). Then, we use your ECG and blood test results to rule out other causes of tachycardia. If positive, a personalized care plan with medication, low-intensity exercise (based on the science behind the CHOP protocol), and hydration strategies are designed (and unlike the VO2Max program above, we avoid high-intensity training to prevent crashes).

Why does this matter?

We’re facing a massive primary care shortage. Simply providing recommended preventive health would require 27 hours per day from the average primary care doctor—clearly an impossible task.

While LLMs have already passed medical licensing exams, one missing piece has been grounding in objective, physical biomarkers. We think the combination of broadly available consumer devices like Apple Watch (which generates 240,000 data points per year and has multiple FDA clearances) and health information exchanges (which offer objective outcomes, such as hospitalizations or ER visits) makes it possible to ground medical AI in objective physical data.

Want to try it? Book an appointment, or download the app (currently available on iOS and compatible with Apple Watch) at https://empirical.health.

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