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Backend Engineer II+

$30k - $60k / 0.10% - 1.00%
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3+ years
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Pritam Khan
Pritam Khan

About the role

At <b>Explorex</b>, we are on a mission to revolutionise the restaurant industry in India with our revolutionary Full-Stack OS. Unlike existing solutions, Explorex goes beyond the value adds of a software solution and leverages it's powerful platform to help restaurants of today evolve into data-backed tech companies and understand their business as well as their customer better with deeper insight through strong analytical and actionable data points.

We are looking for a passionate person to make our system more <b>consistent, reliable and scalable</b> across all our tech verticals and taking ownership of this mission and helping Explorex empower the restaurant industry with it's powerful OS.

Our Stack : <b>Java Spring Framework, Postgresql, MongoDB, AWS, Angular</b>

Key Roles would be -

  • Development in Java having observability and scalability in mind.
  • Take active parts in design reviews
  • Actively take part in Devops whenever required
  • Setup Code review, Deployment cycle process
  • Setup data ingestion process with data warehouse and data lakes

Most important of all - be<b> hands on with the code and setting the right foundation for the team</b>.

Why you should join Explorex

We at Explorex are building the future of dining out using technology. We are building a full-stack software solution for the 30 million+ restaurants in India, to be able to manage their business without worrying about 5-6 independent systems that do not talk to each other, cannot be integrated, and mostly not on the cloud.

To better understand what we are building - We are building the Toast for India.

Team Size:18
Location:Bengaluru, India
Pritam Khan
Pritam Khan
Mainak Sarkar
Mainak Sarkar