Farmako Healthcare

Farmako Healthcare

India's fastest medicine delivery in just 30 minutes

We are India's fastest medicine delivery service. We deliver medicines in just 30 minutes. We have built highly optimized pharmacy stores and a set of internal tools designed to process prescriptions quickly. We also provide easy-to-integrate APIs and SDK for anyone to start a virtual pharmacy without needing a license, pharmacy, or delivery fleet. Any doctor, teleconsultation app, or EMR provider can start delivering medicines to their patients on WhatsApp or App using our service in the background. We have more than 80 B2B partners, including India's top teleconsultation apps, EMR providers, hospitals, elderly care apps, and insurance providers. We operate 24/7 in Gurgaon, New Delhi, and Moradabad and deliver over 15,000 orders monthly. So far, we have processed more than 250K orders and done thousands of life-saving deliveries. We started in 2020 with the vision to build a centralized health record system for India. We had an AI-powered EMR app for doctors and a SaaS for diagnostic labs to add patients' medical records to Farmako Health ID. We have more than 3M health records added on Farmako. In 2022, the Indian government launched ABHA Health ID and we became one of the first official partners with them. In 2023, we launched quick medicine delivery and decided to move forward with ABHA Health ID for medical records. Now, we are building a safe health assistant inside our medicine delivery app, which will be connected to your Health ID and all your past medical records. Our goal is to make it a super-safe and accurate health assistant for the world, which can eliminate your doctor in the long run for all primary care issues.

Farmako Healthcare
Team Size:25
Location:Gurugram, India

Active Founders

Aman Bhandula

I'm the founder & CEO of Farmako. I studied at IIT Roorkee for 4 years. I love machine learning and designing. I believe that the work we are doing at farmako is saving thousands of lives. Digital Health records will be game-changing for countries like India where we don't have a great healthcare infrastructure and we don't have enough doctors either. The market is huge, the work is challenging and it does a great impact on people's lives directly.

Kaishu Sahu

I am an Android developer. I have worked with LibreOffice, Zomato, and Google Summer of Code in the past. I recently graduated from IIT Roorkee.