Farmako Healthcare

India's first Centralized EMR App for Doctors, Clinics

Head of Growth

Greater Noida, India
Job Type
Any (new grads ok)
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Aman Bhandula
Aman Bhandula

About the role

Growth team at farmako

We love people who have confidence.

We love people who are honest.

And we love hockey sticks like graphs.

If you join us, you are the most important person to this company.

Personal traits we are looking for:

  • Do you have confidence in yourself?
  • Do you yourself believe in the product?
  • Are you a great storyteller?
  • Do you bring energy to the team?
  • Do you have deep empathy for the end-user and willing to talk to customers to reach a deep understanding of the problem?
  • Are you earnest?

The experience we're looking for:

  • Worked in small teams before
  • Can make growth strategies
  • Maintain a hockey stick graph
  • Great storytelling
  • Great speaking skills
  • Understanding of medical field
  • Onboarding labs and doctors in different cities
  • Bonus: If you worked in a growth team before
  • Bonus 2.0: If you have connections in the medical field

Perks of Joining farmako

  • You'll get to work on the most important problem of 21st century
  • A great salary, with stock options
  • Accommodation for the whole period
  • Part of the founding and leadership
  • Letter of recommendation if you work well
  • You will get to work with a team that is from IIT Roorkee and backed by Y Combinator
  • And there are so many surprises!

Why you should join Farmako Healthcare

Farmako is India's first Centralized EMR App for Doctors and Clinics.