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Viruses that kill targeted human bacterial infections

CSO at Felix Biotechnology

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6+ years
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Robert McBride
Robert McBride

About the role

Reporting to the CEO, the Chief Scientific Officer will join as a pivotal member of the team and play a significant role in providing leadership, strategic insight, direction, and implementation. The CSO will work closely with the other executive team members to drive the platform and therapeutic portfolio with the principal mission of increasing platform throughput and advancing candidate therapeutics through the Company’s development pipeline. The successful candidate will interface externally with key figures from both the biopharma industry and academia. S/he will be responsible for developing and managing effective relationships with potential clinical investigators, scientific advisors and key opinion leaders. The CSO will be responsible for recruiting and developing a multi-disciplinary team. The preferred candidate will possess a track record of effective and efficient scientific leadership. S/he will bring at least 10 years of experience ideally with a blend of pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical and small biotech, with at least five years in senior leadership roles. This individual must have an advanced scientific degree, MD, MD/PhD, or PhD in Biology or related field.

Responsibilities will include: Play a key role as a leader, scientist, and manager in identification of development efforts leveraging Felix’s technology platform that results in new intellectual property for the Company; Manage and grow a strong R&D team with strong communication skills and emotional intelligence; Build and maintain a high public profile for Company’s scientific and discovery efforts through strategic publications and presentations at conferences as well as to the Board of Directors and other groups as necessary; Support the continued financing and strategic positioning of the Company through active participation in presentations as required with the CEO to potential investors, development partners and collaborators; Monitor project status; identify potential problems or delays; seek solutions and take the action necessary to correct problems; Build and manage the data and analysis capability to accommodate the development of the platform; Provide scientific support for corporate development activities; Establish, develop and maintain effective working relationships with the Company’s advisors, consultants and contractors. Continue to develop and expand other external relationships including Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), potential pharma partners, and other collaborators

Requirements for this position include: This individual must have an advanced scientific degree, MD/PhD, or PhD in molecular biology, biochemistry or related field; in-depth knowledge of the various scientific and technical disciplines (and their integration) related to the evaluation, development and advancement of therapies and the three areas of the platform; 5 or more years of combined experience in pharmaceutical/ biopharmaceutical and/or small biotech environments, with at least five years in senior leadership roles and a proven track record in building teams and driving pivotal science outcomes; The candidate must understand and support the character, values, and style of Felix Biotechnology as well as possess strong interpersonal and communication skills to enable him/her to represent the; Company to a variety of audiences. This individual must be able to combine an understanding and appreciation of Company technology and its commercial applications with the ability to generate sustained interest and support from multiple sources

Felix Biotechnology is a diverse team of innovative, creative, and patient-focused researchers ending the threat of antibiotic resistance and transforming treatment across diseases using engineered phage. We are a preclinical stage company developing therapies targeting pathogenic and pathobiontic microbes, with a particular focus on multidrug resistant bacterial infections. Felix’s proprietary discovery, optimization, and engineering platform enables it to link genotype to phenotype and engineer better therapeutic phages. Felix Biotechnology is a graduate of the Y-Combinator (W20) and the Illumina Accelerator (10th Cycle), was winner of 2019 international competition Falling Walls Startup of the Year, recipient of NSF funding, and has active partnerships to develop phage technology for multiple companies.

Why you should join Felix Biotechnology

We are focused on developing tools to help patients. There are a lot of people who are dying for no good reason. We want to play a role in preventing those deaths and creating a future we can be excited about. We treat patients today. The work we do goes directly to people. If you want to be involved in cutting edge synthetic biology, in learning how to code biology to help patients, and have a background in ML/AI let us know.