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3+ years
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Robert McBride
Robert McBride

About the role

Felix is hiring a scientist as a pivotal member of our phage engineering team. If you want to play a critical role in developing the next generation of bio-therapeutic tools to tackle the antibiotic resistance epidemic that is a growing threat to humanity, this is the perfect role for you. This position reports directly to the Head of Science and will be expected to contribute immediately to our engineering efforts which focus on optimizing phage as general tools to manage bacterial infections.

RESPONSIBILITIES WILL INCLUDE Engineering bacteriophage genomes using novel and cutting edge technologies Performing robust assays to characterize phage-host interactions Isolating and characterizing phage from clinical and environmental samples Characterizing bacteria from clinical and environmental samples Performing short-read (Illumina) and long-read (oxford nanopore) sequencing Developing high-throughput protocols (including the use of automation) for characterizing phage-host interactions

REQUIREMENTS Advanced degree in microbiology, molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, virology, systems biology, synthetic biology, biotechnology, bioinformatics, or a related field Communicate and collaborate effectively with a team of scientists to generate and analyze data Interact with a computational team to share experimental data and improve workflows Record and write protocols, store samples, and train students Prepare research results for presentations at scientific meetings both internal and external Solve complex problems with creative solutions

Why you should join Felix Biotechnology

We are focused on developing tools to help patients. There are a lot of people who are dying for no good reason. We want to play a role in preventing those deaths and creating a future we can be excited about. We treat patients today. The work we do goes directly to people. If you want to be involved in cutting edge synthetic biology, in learning how to code biology to help patients, and have a background in ML/AI let us know.