Fingo Africa

A neobank for Africa's 500 million youth

Devops / Security / Full Stack Senior Engineer at Fingo Africa

$70k - $100k / 0.50% - 1.00%
Nairobi, Kenya / Remote
Job Type
6+ years
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James da Costa
James da Costa

About the role


At this Senior Engineer role at Fingo, you will be responsible for the design, development, testing, and deployment of products that help customers control and manage their entire financial lives from a single application.

Our technology stack is built in TypeScript, NodeJS, React, React Native and Golang. Our databases run on AWS Aurora. We containerize and deploy with Kubernetes on AWS. And use Github and Github actions in our CI/CD process. You will be responsible for service delivery, reliability, scalability, monitoring, and helping define all of this as immutable infrastructure-as-code. You will also work on and deploy services and features on the backend while ensuring everything is scalable and secure.

What you will do

  • Deploy and maintain critical applications on cloud-native microservices architecture
  • Implement automation, effective monitoring, and infrastructure-as-code
  • Deploy and maintain CI/CD pipelines across multiple environments
  • Support and work alongside a cross-functional engineering team on the latest technologies
  • Iterate on best practices to increase the quality & velocity of deployments
  • Sustain and improve the process of knowledge sharing throughout the engineering team
  • Have on call responsibilities in rotation with the engineering team
  • Increase the sophistication of our alerting and escalation mechanisms
  • Help define, document, evolve, and evangelize high engineering standards and best practices across multiple areas
  • Move quickly and intelligently - seeing technical debt as your nemesis
  • Configure automated testing and automated QA in the CI/CD process
  • Configure IAM roles and users for services.

What will help you succeed in this role

  • Experience maintaining and deploying highly-available, fault-tolerant systems at scale
  • A drive towards automating repetitive tasks (e.g. scripting via Bash, Python, Ruby, etc)
  • Expertise in GoLang and/or Typescript
  • Practical experience with Docker containerization and clustering (Kubernetes/EKS)
  • Expertise with AWS (e.g. IAM, EC2, VPC, ELB, ALB, Autoscaling, Lambda)
  • Version control system experience (e.g. Git)
  • Experience implementing CI/CD (e.g. Githbub Actions)
  • Operational (e.g. HA/Backups) NoSQL experience (e.g. MongoDB)
  • Experience with configuration management tools (e.g. Ansible, Chef)
  • Experience with infrastructure-as-code (e.g. Terraform, Cloudformation)
  • Bachelor or master’s degree in CS, or equivalent practical experience
  • Effective communication skills

Why you should join Fingo Africa

Fingo is building a pan-African digital bank backed by Ecobank, the largest bank in Africa. We are specifically focused on young people.

Today, most Africans pay 5-15% fees to transfer money to friends, family, or businesses - with Fingo these fees will be 10x times smaller.

❌ The problem

Banking in Africa is broken for young people

Account opening is very slow: 3-7 day non-digital opening process for personal accounts (and much slower for businesses)

📈Sending money is expensive: transfer fees are upwards of 5-40% depending on transaction type

😫User experiences are poor: clunky banking apps with low uptake & limited advanced features (e.g. saving pots, payment links and bill splitting)

😵‍💫Different financial services all exist in different places: No central provider for banking, savings, investments and business accounts

⚙️ How does Fingo work?

🏃🏽‍♂️Account opening in 240 seconds through automated KYC and digital ID validation

📉Transaction fees are 90% cheaper than competitors

💬A chat focused UI and social tags for sending money reduces user friction and makes transacting fun

🔗Payment links to get paid from anywhere

and more!

✨What's special?

We have a signed contract with the largest bank in Africa, Ecobank. This gives us access to 33 markets through a single API.

We are built by and for young people. Fingo is focusing on the largest youth population in history, specifically the 200m urban African youth.

The Fingo App: Beta launched in Kenya with 100 customers and a 5,000 customer waitlist

Join us in changing the African Fintech Landscape!