The easiest way to extract AI ready data from the web

Firecrawl is the easiest way to extract data from the web. Developers use us to reliably convert URLs into LLM-ready markdown or structured data with a single API call. We crossed 6k GitHub stars in just two months and have had paying customers since day one
1. Previously, we built Mendable, one of the first commercially available “chat with your data” applications. We sold to companies like MongoDB, Coinbase, Snapchat, and more. To do this, we spent a surprising amount of time building reliable infrastructure for getting clean data from the web. When we started to see our founding friends rebuilding the same thing, we thought we might be on to something. We see Firecrawl evolving into the easiest way for humans or AIs to collect data on the web. Imagine a magical interface instantly gathering data from any format, anywhere, with no code required.

Jobs at Firecrawl

San Francisco, CA, US / Remote (US)
$100K - $150K
0.50% - 1.00%
3+ years
Team Size:4
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Nicolas Dessaigne

Active Founders

Caleb Peffer

CEO at Mendable

Caleb Peffer
Caleb Peffer

Eric Ciarla

COO at SideGuide

Eric Ciarla
Eric Ciarla

Nicolas Silberstein Camara

CTO at SideGuide

Nicolas Silberstein Camara
Nicolas Silberstein Camara

Company Launches

Hey YC!

It’s Garrett, Eric, Caleb, and Nick from SideGuide - Today we are launching Mendable, a chat-powered search tool embeddable in your docs, product, or community to answer developer questions and reduce their time to hello world. Check out our live search demo with LangChain and shoot us a message at garrett@sideguide.dev if you want to chat! :)


We’ve spent over a year in the developer experience space, building tools to make the lives of founders and developer relations folks easier. During this journey, we learned developers have a hard time navigating documentation and understanding the capabilities of a product in an efficient way. In response, developer communities and support forums become overloaded with questions, and dropoffs and onboarding times grow.


We’re building Mendable, a chat-powered search tool leveraging cutting edge LLM models to accelerate a developer’s time to hello world and improve developer experience. We ingest your company’s resources (documentation, support forums, community messages, etc.) and give developers custom responses to their questions with direct links to sources via a chat interface. This interface can be easily embedded anywhere via a javascript component or accessed via slack/discord, allowing our search to be put in your docs, product, community, or wherever else you see fit.

What does it look like?

  • Continuous Improvements - With our intuitive thumbs-up and down rating system and the ability for admins to edit answers, Mendable's search functionality continually learns and improves.
  • Integrates Everywhere - Mendable offers a chat-powered search bar to add anywhere in your docs or website. Support for Discord, Slack, Github, and more is coming soon.
  • Resources Condensed - Mendable’s generations are based on your resources - including docs, support Q/A, and community messages - condensed into powerful answers.

The ask:

Interested? Shoot us a message at garrett@sideguide.dev or schedule a meeting with us here!

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