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Growth Manager - Enterprise Partnerships

$115k - $124,999
New York, NY
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3+ years
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About the role

About the role is hiring a Growth Manager - Enterprise Partnerships as a critical part of the sales team. As the face of our burgeoning sales team, you will be responsible for researching, negotiating, and closing partnerships that enhance our customer ecosystem and drive new revenue streams. There are multiple channels that we tackle, offering significant opportunities to drive our sales performance across our business and testing new customer personas within the industry we operate. Additionally, you will focus on building our partner network and relationships, while contributing to our growth playbook.

The Growth Manager - Enterprise Partnerships will build partnerships with some of the biggest B2B companies on the market to help Firstbase tackle their networks and build win/win relationships. This role requires a lot of engagement and ownership, the results of a well-nurtured enterprise partnership can allow Firstbase to overachieve the OKRs quarter over quarter. This is a high-responsibility position suited to manage some of the most valuable relationships within the partnerships team. A lot of learning and opportunities for growth in this role.


Firstbase is building an all-in-one Company OS to help define how founders across the globe launch, manage and grow their businesses.

More than twenty thousand founders from over two hundred countries have used our products: Firstbase Start to launch a company, Firstbase Agent and Firstbase Mailroom to manage ongoing compliance, and Firstbase Loop to get access to financial services in one click. We are building the future of company management.

Firstbase is backed by Y Combinator & our team, investors, and advisors include people from Apple, Gusto, Carta, Wise, Plaid, and many other great companies.

Why you should join

Our team is dedicated to building products & solving some of the startups' hardest problems, with particular focus on:

  • Democratizing access to financial infrastructure
  • Automating tasks every founder faces when running a business
  • Making tools and resources more accessible to everyone, everywhere
  • Building integrated solutions for founders and removing friction
  • Delivering opportunity to traditionally overlooked founders and companies
  • Democratizing access to knowledge

Join us on a mission to increase the number of growing companies.

Who are we looking for

We are looking for risk-takers with diverse experience able to provide fearless feedback.

You will have the following responsibilities

  • Achieve monthly and quarterly sales targets quotas; source qualified opportunities and close partnerships.
  • Utilize a CRM to accurately manage your pipeline, forecast business, and maintain data integrity.
  • Enable the growth & adoption of within our existing user base.
  • Establish and maintain active engagement with our current partners.
  • Respond to and qualify incoming inquiries regarding interest in offerings.
  • Craft a great first impression on our prospects and customers by adding value during every customer touchpoint.
  • Partner with cross-functional teams to share customer feedback.
  • Engage in team development and mentoring.
  • Sell and explain technical products to B2B companies.
  • Assist with product launches and sales structuring for strategy.
  • Source new solutions and ideas on potential blockers and opportunities.
  • Collaborate between departments to launch new initiatives and partnership structures that will help us A/B test different target personas.

Minimum requirements

*4-year college degree or equivalent experience preferred

  • 3+ years of work experience; Tech Sales, Consulting, or Operations experience at a technology company, highly preferred.
  • A demonstrated track record of success identifying, negotiating, and winning business development deals.
  • Excellent communication skills: collaborate effectively across internal teams and with external partners.
  • Experience with all aspects of B2B technology sales aspects, including pre-call planning, opportunity qualification, objection handling, and closing opportunities.
  • An ability to structure, control, and lead calls.
  • High integrity and a customer-first mentality.
  • Positive and upbeat phone skills, excellent listening skills, and strong writing skills.
  • Sales training and Hubspot experience are a plus.
  • Analytical background: you can investigate and understand data to drive action and results.
  • An owner’s mindset and a determination to hustle and get things done.
  • Multitasker and self-starter mindset.

Some perks you will enjoy

  • Competitive salary & amazing equity package

We lean on some of the best market data to ensure that we offer the most competitive compensation.

  • Hybrid work environment

We work both remotely & from our offices in New York City in São Paulo – optimizing for collaboration while providing flexibility to team members.

  • PTO + birthday off

We offer flexibility to allow people to relax and recharge whenever they need it.

  • Build your ideal work setup

We understand that how you work is extremely important, so we provide a stipend to set yourself up for success here at Firstbase.

  • Health benefits

Firstbase offers health insurance reimbursements to both US and international team members.

  • Learning & development

We provide a stipend together with resources to help people grow and develop in their careers

  • Amazing quarterly bonuses

Every team member at Firstbase gets a bonus calculated based on personal KPIs and company growth

If you think you’re unqualified or don’t meet all the requirements for this role, we encourage you to still apply. We celebrate diverse candidates, adjacent experiences, and simply put, good people who want to build great things. If that’s you, then we’d love to meet.

Why you should join

Firstbase is building an all-in-one Company OS to help define how founders across the globe launch, manage and grow their businesses. More than ten thousand founders from over a hundred countries have used our product, Firstbase Start, to launch their startup. For many founders, "" has become what they type into their address bars when they think about incorporating a business.
Team Size:38
Location:New York
Mark Milastsivy
Mark Milastsivy