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3+ years
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Mike Moone
Mike Moone

About the role

FlowEQ is building a no-code tool helping Fortune 500 companies solve complex customer issues 10x faster. We empower non-technical managers to design & deploy interactive workflows directly to their team. These automations take a 30 minute process down to 30 seconds.

Our product is designed to distill complex internal company processes into simple, embeddable interfaces that can run anywhere teams work. We must balance the need for significant customization by power users by power users over time, while keeping it easy for new users to get started. Many of the business systems we integrate with have dated user interfaces, and we have the opportunity to win customers over by providing a more modern front-end for how their team interacts with those systems.

We are looking for a UI/UX Designer to join our team and help lead the next evolution of our product’s design language and user experience. This position will be responsible for owning and growing our style guides, UI component libraries, and mockups for key features. As the first full-time designer on the team, this individual will have the ability to make a profound impact on overhauling our entire product experience, making what is a powerful tool capable of handling very complex workflows simple, easy to use, and beautiful.

About You

  • You should have 3+ years of in design for web-based software applications, with a portfolio of previous projects (either personal or existing apps/products) that you can share
  • You value great user experience and love designing software to be easy to use while supporting advanced configuration options
  • You a comfortable wire-framing in design tools like Figma and are able to quickly create interactive mockups
  • You enjoy the entire product journey, from feature specification, through deployment, to user feedback
  • You have excellent visual, verbal, and written communication skills

Things You Might Do

  • Conduct user research and testing
  • Assess existing UX architecture and identify areas for improvement.
  • Plan and design interactive wireframes of new features and visual assets needed to implement those features
  • Collaborate with the Product and Engineering teams to create powerful, easy-to-use, and fun interfaces
  • Iterate on features and edits to drive adoption and customer satisfaction
  • Produce and refine instructional animations for our website, app, and knowledge base

Company Benefits

  • Competitive Salary
  • Unlimited Vacation & Paid Time Off (in addition to all national holidays)
  • Health Insurance Medical, Dental & Vision Coverage
  • Life Insurance Coverage
  • YCombinator Founder Community

Why you should join FlowEQ

The FlowEQ Process Acceleration Platform is a no-code solution that embeds within your current systems and includes the following modules:

Smart Flows: Build, run and optimize your SOPs with easy-to-follow workflows that let teams work efficiently from day one. Pre-built Connectors: Instantly get data and take action across your applications without ever having to open up any other screens or browsers. Accelerators: Automate every step that can be automated with triggers, automation rules, and batch workflows. Workflow Analysis: Constantly improve how your teams work with the hard data and insights you need to justify changes that will save additional time and money.

FlowEQ makes teams more productive and saves companies money by orchestrating all the data and steps behind the scenes while guiding employees through error-proof workflows. Unlike solutions that expect teams to switch to a whole new system, or automate the easy steps a robot could do, FlowEQ embeds within your current systems, automates everything that can be automated, and gets employees through the steps that require their judgment or expertise faster.

Team Size:7
Location:Pleasanton, CA
Brittani Dunlap
Brittani Dunlap
Mike Moone
Mike Moone