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Brittani Dunlap
Brittani Dunlap

About the role

FlowEQ is building a modern front-end for work, so that anybody can get more done in less time. We empower non-technical managers to design & deploy interactive workflows directly to their team, with automations that can take a 30 minute process down to 30 seconds.

We are looking for a full-stack engineer to join our team and help accelerate our product development. As one of our early hires, you will play a key role in setting the direction of FlowEQ’s product, company, and culture.

While the description below can be quite specific, the role can be tailored to the person who joins. So if you meet the below criteria but don’t fit the role exactly as described here, please apply anyway!

About You

  • You should have 2+ years of software engineering experience building scalable web applications
  • You have experience with some, if not all, of the technology we use to power FlowEQ: React, Typescript, NextJS, Firebase, Django, Postgres, Vercel and Heroku.
  • You have some experience with managing state in a large single-page-application using Redux or similar libraries.
  • You value great user experience and love making software that’s easy to use and performant
  • You know how to build reusable frontend components
  • You are comfortable working on the backend as well: interfacing with existing and also building new REST APIs
  • You enjoy the entire product journey, from feature specification to deployment
  • You have a knock for writing clean and maintainable code, whilst shipping quickly when necessary

Things You Might Do

  • Build new backend integrations and frontend components
  • Set up analytics to monitor new feature usage
  • Improve the UI by adding new or improving existing components
  • Find and fix bugs on the frontend and backend

Why you should join FlowEQ

The FlowEQ Process Acceleration Platform is a no-code solution that embeds within your current systems and includes the following modules:

Smart Flows: Build, run and optimize your SOPs with easy-to-follow workflows that let teams work efficiently from day one. Pre-built Connectors: Instantly get data and take action across your applications without ever having to open up any other screens or browsers. Accelerators: Automate every step that can be automated with triggers, automation rules, and batch workflows. Workflow Analysis: Constantly improve how your teams work with the hard data and insights you need to justify changes that will save additional time and money.

FlowEQ makes teams more productive and saves companies money by orchestrating all the data and steps behind the scenes while guiding employees through error-proof workflows. Unlike solutions that expect teams to switch to a whole new system, or automate the easy steps a robot could do, FlowEQ embeds within your current systems, automates everything that can be automated, and gets employees through the steps that require their judgment or expertise faster.

Team Size:7
Location:Pleasanton, CA
Brittani Dunlap
Brittani Dunlap
Mike Moone
Mike Moone