Our mobile app reduces chronic pain for 100 million Americans.

Fullstack Engineer at Flowly

Pasadena, CA / Remote
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3+ years
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Narae Kim
Narae Kim

About the role

We're looking for a skilled and self-sufficient fullstack engineer. You will be our first fulltime engineering hire and will have the opportunity to grow with us. Flowly is a mobile app for chronic pain and anxiety management, using VR and biofeedback. Our first need is help building out a web portal for doctors. The main goal of the initiative is to build out support for clinics and doctors to link their accounts to Flowly members and access their data.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Architecting and implementing account hierarchies and permissions
  • Building out a React frontend for our doctor portal
  • Implementing B2B billing support through Stripe
  • Making things HIPAA compliant
  • Building out internal tools for customer management
  • Automating business processes like shipping label fulfillment

Our current backend is serverless and configured and deployed using AWS Amplify. We are flexible to adapting the architecture based on your input. Our system makes use of Cognito for authentication, Appsync for GraphQL API, API Gateway for REST API (minimally as needed), Lambda for business logic and custom resolvers, Dynamodb for storing data, and S3 for hosting resources.

Why you should join Flowly

Flowly is an app for chronic pain, anxiety, and sleep management. You can think of it like the VR version of Calm, but we send all of our members a kit that includes a VR headset and heart rate sensor. Essentially, we train members to auto-regulate their nervous systems and transition from fight or flight mode to relax and restore mode. We're an early stage startup and a small team but we move quickly. We have a grant from the NIH taking Flowly through clinical trials and we're also distributing Flowly currently through the Apple App store.