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Building the Operating System for B&M Retail using Deep Learning

Mechanical Engineer at Focal Systems

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Burlingame, CA
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About the role


Become an integral member of the mechanical engineering team, working with colleagues to design complete product offerings, ground up. Much focus will be on product design, CAD, prototyping, and readying designs for manufacturing. Count on plenty of R&D and research too.

Will also be required to support ongoing projects with design tweaks and amendments, improvements in process and product stability, and coordination with field operations team members to keep projects update and live in the field. Will oversee product manufacturing and work with the production manager to ensure production timelines are met.

Required Skills:

Product design with an understanding of mechatronics Model-making, craftsmanship, ability to work with hands Experience in mass manufacturing design, i.e. plastic injection molding, pressure die-casting, metal stamping / forming, etc. Familiarity with electro-mechanical systems, interplay of physical systems with sensors Excellent organization and task tracking Team communication and coordination General understanding of order quoting, purchase orders, vendor relationships, shipping logistics, import/export Fluent in: CAD (preferably Solidworks) Excel, Word, Powerpoint Extra Credit: Understanding of machining, CNC milling, CAM software / programming Experience with DFM and mass manufacturing processes Understanding of microcontrollers, embedded systems, sensors, motors Proficiency in C, C++, Java, or Python

Why you should join Focal Systems

Focal Systems deploys small, inexpensive shelf cameras that take an image once an hour to detect out of stocks with Deep Learning Computer Vision. This automates huge swaths of labor and increases on-shelf availability which increases sales. We have now achieved 3 national rollouts and are beginning our Series B in Dec, 2020.