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Building the Operating System for B&M Retail using Deep Learning

Deep Learning Engineer at Focal Systems

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Burlingame, CA
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Any (new grads ok)
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About the role

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Focal Systems is a Deep Learning first company. All the products we build have a novel DL pipeline, and unlike most academic labs and other startups, we care about the theory AND the application. We write papers, and we improve peoples lives and businesses via deep learning. We are looking for Deep Learning Computer Vision Researchers that can utilize our 1.3 million labeled images to design architectures that will push state of the art on many conference tasks but also on novel tasks that the rest of the Deep Learning Community has not begun working on. Join us in deploying Deep Learning to the world!


Have significant experience training Deep Networks, CNNs, LSTMS

Experience with Torch or Tensorflow a plus

2+ years Researching CV

Masters or PhD in CS / EE or equivalent

Stellar academic performance

Published research in peer-reviewed journal a huge plus!

Why you should join Focal Systems

Focal Systems deploys small, inexpensive shelf cameras that take an image once an hour to detect out of stocks with Deep Learning Computer Vision. This automates huge swaths of labor and increases on-shelf availability which increases sales. We have now achieved 3 national rollouts and are beginning our Series B in Dec, 2020.