Focal Systems

Building the Operating System for B&M Retail using Deep Learning

Camera Firmware Engineer at Focal Systems

$80k - $150k / 0.01% - 0.30%
remote / Remote
Job Type
3+ years
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About the role

Focal Systems is the industry leader in retail AI solutions. We are a Silicon Valley-based startup that has more than doubled in size every year since our founding. Our mission is to automate and optimize brick and mortar retail using deep learning computer vision. Focal has been deployed at scale with the top retailers in the world. We are looking for smart, creative, and passionate people who love to learn, enjoy thinking critically, and want to build a great and enduring company.

We are looking for someone to take over all camera firmware development to ensure our cameras have high image quality, high uptime, easy OTA, and low BOM / power draw.

We are looking for someone to:

  1. Write Embedded Firmware code (C/C++)
  2. Help with sourcing components (camera modules, micro-controllers, etc)
  3. Help design PCBs
  4. Reduce BOM and increase Hardware/Camera/Image Quality


  1. Must have 3-10 years experience writing enterprise-grade C++ in a professional work environment
  2. Must understand git, unit test suites, etc
  3. Must understand camera systems, ISPs, 3As, etc
  4. Must have an engineering degree from 4 year program (BS minimum, MS a plus)
  5. Must be willing to work 40-60 hours a week
  6. Must be able to present to the Executive Team

Job Types: Full-time


  1. Health Insurance
  2. Catered Lunches
  3. Paid Sick Leave
  4. Dental Insurance
  5. Vision Insurance
  6. Annual Team Retreat

Why you should join Focal Systems

Focal Systems deploys small, inexpensive shelf cameras that take an image once an hour to detect out of stocks with Deep Learning Computer Vision. This automates huge swaths of labor and increases on-shelf availability which increases sales. We have now achieved 3 national rollouts and are beginning our Series B in Dec, 2020.