Internet infrastructure for government social programs

Software Engineer

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1+ years
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Victor E. Fimbres
Victor E. Fimbres

About the role

Forage is a third-party processor (TPP) and pin provider that helps all grocers and platforms accept EBT online. Forage works with merchants throughout USDA application and tech integration processes, which has reduced time to launch from approximately 18 months to 6 months. With Forage, merchants gain access to 42 million Americans and a $200 billion EBT spend while allowing low-income individuals and families to utilize their services.

Our stack

  • Typescript + React + HTML + CSS
  • Python + Django + PostgreSQL
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)


  • Love building great products and engineering systems.
  • Can articulate your thoughts well.
  • Can articulate and balance implementation tradeoffs.
  • Are productive, resourceful, and an effective problem solver
  • Write high quality code, value software testing, and uphold best practices in engineering.
  • Exhibit a strong understanding of CS fundamentals from your Bachelor's in CS, engineering, related discipline, or equivalent industry experience.
  • Work effectively in a remote setting and are able to overlap at least 4 hours per work day at 9am to 5pm PST

🗺️ Founders: Justin, former Chief of Staff at Newsela, where he led their Series B round from Kleiner Perkins and Mark Zuckerburg, and Victor, the Software Lead at Robo3D, where he built their hardware and software infrastructure

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Helping hundreds of families put food on their table (and growing)

🤝 Partnered with LA County, San Diego County, and other government organizations

💼 Backers including Y Combinator, Mucker Capital, Banana Capital, CEO's and Operators from Brigit, Mercury, Instacart, Gumroad, early Palantir Folks, and more

We have built strategic partnerships across platforms, merchants and state governments:

  • Merchants: Farmstead, Boxed, Jokr, and more
  • Platforms: Shopify, Flashfood, Local Express and more
  • State Governments: New York, California, Texas, and Iowa

With Forage merchants can go to market and turn on revenue 6-9 months faster, this is fintech meets govtech meets impact.

Our values

Transparency & Trust

We are always intellectually honest. We value independence and don’t micromanage. We know we’ll be wrong a lot, and that’s okay. We also trust everyone on the team by default - trust doesn’t have to be earned. It can only be broken by not being transparent.

Scrappy & Simple

By design, we avoid excessive perfectionism. If something is perfect, it usually means we’ve spent too long on it. We always experiment, and often scrap things and try them a different way.

Why you should work here

  • You are creating real-life impact in the everyday lives of others
  • You'll get to work in a high-growth, high-learning, fast-paced startup environment
  • All of us have solid banter - this is really the most important thing
  • You get to work with a smart, dedicated, humble team with diverse backgrounds and viewpoints and a learner’s mindset
  • You’ll get access to our amazing network of mentors and advisors
  • We’re a trust-by-default culture - you’ll get ownership over our product and brand
  • We really believe in mental well-being - success for the company means all-round well-being for each of us
  • We’re fully-remote, and we actually know how to do it right

Why you should join Forage


Forage is an online payment solution for government subsidies— the Stripe for the American social safety net. Our main product helps online grocers accept food stamps online. We built a simple and government-approved API that any developer can install.

Our Vision

To create digital equity for everyone in America.

Our Mission

To build online payment technology that empowers people.


We're always looking for smart, talented, and driven individuals to help further our mission. Feel free to submit your application to and let us know why you'd like to work for Forage.

Team Size:12
Location:Los Angeles, CA
Victor E. Fimbres
Victor E. Fimbres
Justin Intal
Justin Intal