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Forage Campus Leadership Program at Forage

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About the role

What is Forage?

Forage hosts virtual work experience programs with companies like BCG, JP Morgan, Deloitte, Citi, White & Case (and more) that allow college students like you to try out tasks that you would do at the company themselves. Our programs only take 3-5 hours to do, are free, and you can do it in your own time.

Students that complete Forage have been found to be more than 2x hireable to a range of our corporate partners, over 60% likely to pass interviews and are more likely to succeed at our firms.

Firms love working with Forage because they can find and hire students who are more diverse, capable of doing the job and understand the career better.

*What is the Forage campus leadership program? *

The Forage campus leadership program is a 6-8 week internship (with the potential to be extended) that hires a limited number of students to help Forage (and our employer partners like BCG, JP Morgan, Deloitte and more) make an impact at your school.

In the program, you will build and execute strategies that help increase the career success of you, your peers, student groups, and your school.

A student on Forage is already 2x more likely to land a job with our partner companies, and 60% more likely to pass interview stages than the normal student. With the leadership program and close contact with our company leaders - we'll also work hard to make sure your profile stands out even further when you look to take the next step of your career.

What will you do in the program:

  • You'll work directly with our co-founder and our student growth and product teams to design and drive our student success and student reach
  • You'll also work with our team to develop unique products, events and resources that will help the employability of you and your peers
  • You'll create materials that help inform our employer partners on how to best engage and connect with students at your school

What background or skills do you need?

Interns can come from all fields of study and majors! You will have shown that you're proactive in any part of your life in the past. You can show this from your studies, any projects you've done, or any hobbies you love You're well organized, communicative and responsive - we find that the best student leaders have these qualities You care about the mission of making careers more accessible and equitable for everyone

Is the campus leadership program paid?

Yes - we pay our interns a competitive rate!

What is our mission at Forage

Our mission at Forage is to enable anyone from any background, ethnicity, school or social status, to be able to upskill and land careers with the best employers in the world.

Why you should join Forage

At Forage, we flip the recruitment and training model and allow top companies to train students, before, they hire them. Companies save money by hiring only those candidates that can perform the job and intend on pursuing a long term career with them. Conversely, we open up opportunities to anyone regardless of socio-economic background, demographic or area of study to land a career at these top companies.

Clients include companies like KPMG, Citibank and Y Combinator. Our students come from around the world and our partners are launching programs in the US, UK, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

For corporates, we’re building a world-class enterprise tool that allows them to hire the best, as easy as possible.