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UI/UX Designer

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3+ years
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Ash Rhazaly
Ash Rhazaly

About the role

At Friz ( we are building a Shopify for freelancers and creators in south east Asia and south Asia.

Friz is an early-stage startup backed by Y Combinator, 500 Southeast Asia, Iterative VC, Sequoia Spark and prominent angel investors. (


  1. Gather design requirements from engineering and marketing - ask the right questions in this process
  2. Interview customers and suggest experience enhancements for metrics
  3. Design for website, mobile apps, marketing assets and brand work
  4. Localise content for new market entry
  5. Push the envelope on improving features and making recommendations for product development

Who you are:

  1. Preferably someone with design experience in early stage startups. Design experience in fintech is a plus.
  2. Self driven and have a track record of taking initiative
  3. Familiar with south east Asia
  4. Able to get hands dirty and work with few resources
  5. Curious about customers - you probably follow design blogs and already know of some important frameworks to keep in mind when creating good design for financial services

About the interview

2 rounds - all done through a video call. Kindly ensure that you have a working web cam, stable internet and a quiet environment to take these calls.

Details of the rounds:

  1. One on one interview with a cofounder. Please be prepared to take us through your portfolio and design thought process using examples.
  2. Take home case with the team. This is an unpaid case - the purpose is to understand the applicants ability to work fast under constraints. The interview case is unrelated to the Friz business so that we are fair to the work that interviewees put in. You can publish it in your own portfolio after as well.

Why you should join Friz


Friz is a Friz is helping hustlers, independents and freelancers to create an online brand and get hired.

Friz is a profile that will help you build the credibility you need to get hired and get paid online. No more pdf resumes, multiple links and outdated, ugly, personal websites required to convert all your leads.

How we work

We believe that everyone in the company has an equal voice especially in the early stages and everyone will have the ability to suggest features or ideas which they want to work on.

We understand that everyone has different working habits which is why we're strong believers in flexibility. We provide a working environment that is collaborative and the flexibility for you to achieve your goals.

Team Size:4
Location:Singapore, Singapore
Ash Rhazaly
Ash Rhazaly
Nirali Zaveri
Nirali Zaveri