Gaiascope is an energy quant fund that trades electricity.

Senior Software Engineer at Gaiascope

$120k - $150k / 0.50% - 2.00%
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3+ years
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Lauren Kuntz
Lauren Kuntz

About the role


Gaiascope is a company focused on the future.

Gaiascope’s name is rooted in two concepts: The Gaia hypothesis: all life on Earth and the planet itself behave as one, interconnected system, which self-regulates through feedback loops to keep conditions favorable to life. The gyroscope: a mechanism to provide stability, to maintain balance.

Gaiascope’s name reflects the values of the company: to maintain planetary balance and combat climate change, humanity’s largest systems must work as an intelligent collective. Gaiascope’s system of focus is the electric grid: Gaiascope is building the ‘brain’ for, arguably, humanity’s most complex invention to date, enabling billions of individual components like electric vehicles, solar farms, and demand response to operate effectively, and in parallel. Gaiascope’s brain will inform everything from grid operations to buildout, and is paramount to entering the next age of humanity: the Electric Age, when we as a species have the abundant energy resources required to continue our exponential progress, yet still live in symbiosis with our planet.

Gaiascope's software is a sophisticated hybrid of machine learning and compute-efficient physical models. To prove the value of this, the company uses its software to predict electricity prices for proprietary trading; in effect, trading is the engine which funds reinvestment and growth, as well as a valuable marketing tool. So far in 2021, trading capital informed by Gaiascope’s software has grown +65% year to date. In concert with growing third-party client revenue, Gaiascope is raising an LP fund, which will launch in early 2022.

Gaiascope's team comes from Harvard, MIT, MORSE, Wayfair, USC, ClimateConnect and wall street, and its founders were Y Combinator S19 alums.


You will be collaborating closely with the CTO on a 2-person software development team to build out all the technical infrastructure required to reliably run and improve upon Gaia's predictive analytics software. Daily tasks range from building out data pipelines for our predictive models, scaling resources and optimizing code to perform compute heavy tasks on tight daily time schedules, and supporting the rest of the company on one-off tasks such as model performance tracking or data visualizations.


An ideal Senior Software Engineer will be able and willing to flex between a wide range of responsibilities and must be comfortable tackling tasks having had little to no prior experience. An ability to read documentation, evaluate new software tools, and communicate complex concepts with a team is crucial. Experience working in microservice architectures and with cloud platforms is a big plus, although not required.




You will work on the software development team, collaborating closely with the CTO and interfacing regularly with team members across other departments.

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