Smarter invoices + 0% interest advances

Full Stack Engineer at Galaxy

$150k - $180k / 1.25% - 2.50%
San Francisco / New York / Remote
Job Type
3+ years
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Adam Barr-Neuwirth
Adam Barr-Neuwirth

About the role

Galaxy's mission is to free up brainspace for small business owners. To do that, we've built an online business bank that makes payments insanely easy.

You'll be working on a small team, with a huge amount of ownership over the product. You'll be responsible for the the technical aspects of our product, and work closely with the CEO. You will have engineering help, but you'll be leading the effort.

You'd be a good fit for this role if these describe you:

  • You have experience building backend systems with Node and Typescript
  • You have experience with React.js
  • You want to tackle big design/architecture decisions and you have strong intuition/experience on how to build full products and services
  • You are willing to learn quickly and implement a variety of services we'll need
  • You'd be comfortable leading engineers in the future as we scale
  • You have an appetite for risk
  • You have a real reason you want to work on this particular problem

You'll need to manage interfacing with banking APIs, storing/retrieving user data, integrating with third party services, and more.

Why you should join Galaxy

Galaxy is a modern business bank that offers SMBs a better way to invoice their customers. Our product allows businesses to change pricing based on when their customers want to pay, and receive interest free advances on pending payments.