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Autopay household bills without fear of overdraft or late fees

Backend Software Engineer

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6+ years
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Nikos Karamolegkos
Nikos Karamolegkos

About the role

About This Role As a backend software developer, you will be producing scalable software solutions and will also be responsible for keeping the platform and data service running. You will drive and implement new requirements and improvements into the product, including new feature requests, integrating new technologies into the service, and resolve or mitigate commonly hit operational issues. If you are passionate about solving crucial business problems and enjoy working on them in a small, fast-paced team, this may be for you.

Tech-Stack We Use React, Node.js (Express), TypeScript, Python, MongoDB with AWS as the primary cloud provider. We plan to switch to PostgreSQL in the coming months.

How You Will Contribute

  • Lead an engineering solution to a business problem end-to-end, and communicate it to engineers and customers
  • Find scalable solutions to challenging technical problems
  • Implement high performance pipelines with Node.js, Docker, Cloudformation and lots of other modern tools - we are heavy users of AWS.
  • Leading and developing best practices for the Engineering team and finding the best tools for the job at hand.
  • Since we’re always deploying, you will help us move faster and guide our engineering and product.
  • Partner with our customers and exceptional product leadership to ensure the work we do has impact with our customers and our engineering community.
  • Create security and data protection settings.
  • Write technical documentation.
  • Keeping current with industry trends and developments that can be applied to company needs.

Technical Expertise That We Believe Will Make You Successful In This Role

  • Min 5 years of engineering experience on backend systems
  • Significant experience designing and implementing fault-tolerant, data-intensive services
  • Significant experience testing and deploying systems to production
  • Experience with large-scale event processing pipelines, preferably using streaming technologies
  • Strong experience working with any SQL databases such as PostgreSQL
  • Strong knowledge of building effective APIs in Node.js (Express)
  • Experience with deploying solution using Docker containers
  • Professional experience with TypeScript and AWS is desirable
  • Bachelor/Master degree in Computer Science

Soft-Skills That Will Come Handy

  • You know when it’s time to refactor, and when it's time to ship
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Head for problem-solving
  • Having a flexible working style
  • Being a team player
  • Comfortable with working unsupervised

Why you should join Gerald Technologies, Inc

Paying bills sucks. It sucks even more for about a third of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, and struggling to pay bills on time. About 100 million Americans are at risk of paying overdraft fees if they auto-pay their bills, and are forced to manually log into and pay up to 10 biller accounts each month. Why are so many people wasting their time and energy manually paying bills to avoid overdraft fees? Because they are not using Gerald!

Gerald is on a mission to eliminate stress about paying bills. We are transforming bill payments by providing consumers with an application for linking and automatically paying their household bills while offering overdraft and late fee protection for all their biller accounts. Our app tracks and pays bills so our users don’t have to. We offer banking services; direct deposits, credit building, cash advance and rewards to simplify bill payments for both billers accounts and consumers.

Our platform combines fintech, payments, and big data to create an empowering and rewarding user experience for making timely bill payments.

Gerald Technologies, Inc
Team Size:12
Location:New York
Nikos Karamolegkos
Nikos Karamolegkos
Ola Okeshola
Ola Okeshola